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LEGO Creator Bike Shop & Cafe 31026
  • 3-in-1 model rebuilds into an auto repair shop or a flower shop.
  • Bicycle shop features a loading ramp, removable red bicycle, tools, and first-floor apartment with kitchen area including a sink and stove, bed and access to a rooftop area with barbeque
  • Café features outdoor seating, a bank ATM, money bill, cash register, 2 muffins, espresso machine with cups, cosy indoor seating area with curtains, stairs to first-floor apartment with furniture, and access to a rooftop area with a vegetable garden.
  • Suitable for ages 9+
  • Assembled Dimensions: 48L x 7.11W x 37.84H cm
  • Contents: A bicycle shop and a café. 3 mini figures: 2 men and a woman.
  • Batteries not required.
Was £64.99 Now £50.99
LEGO Creator Pet Shop 10218
  • Includes 2,032 pieces.
  • Set includes 4 mini-figures with accessories: Pet shop owner, girl on bicycle, painter with paint roller and woman Pet shop
  • Includes dog, cat, 2 parrots and fish tank with goldfish, 3 dog bones, ball, frog toy, birdhouse, bucket and brush
  • Kitchenette features stone fireplace, stove, sink, coffee maker and small table, chair and upper loft features skylight, bed and lamp
  • Townhouse features ground floor with mailbox and mail, hat rack, couch, telephone, toilet and access to basement crawl space
Lego Creator Red Creatures 31032
  • Take to the skies with the 3-in-1 Red Creatures fire-breathing dragon!
  • The Lego Creator Red Creatures dragon with large movable wings, fiery breath and bright green eyes rebuilds into a snake or a scorpion.
  • Articulated joints for maximum flexibility
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a snake or a scorpion
  • Suitable for ages 7 - 12 years
  • Dragon Assembled Dimensions: 28L x 25W x 4H cm
  • Scorpion Assembled Dimensions: 29L x 22W x 3H cm
  • Snake Assembled Dimensions: 38L x 4W x 4H cm
  • Contents: large movable wings, long scaly tail, fiery breath, fearsome horns, long talons and bright green eyes
  • Batteries Not Required
Was £12.99 Now £10.99
LEGO Creator Mountain Hut 31025
  • Includes an explorer minifigure
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a mountaintop lookout or a small lodge
  • Features: hinged access, a fireplace, table, chairs and various rustic furniture items
  • Exterior details includes a mountain with cave, waterfall, brick- built eagle, hidden treasure, small stream, log bridge, tree, stove and a quad bike
  • Pull up a chair and relax by the fireplace
  • Climb the snow-topped mountain
  • Jump on the quad bike and go for a ride
  • Look for hidden treasure in the cave
  • Watch out for the mountaintop eagle!
Was £34.99 Now £25.99
Lego Creator Vehicle Transporter 31033
  • Climb aboard the awesome 3-in-1 Vehicle Transporter!
  • The Lego Creator Vehicle Transporter with tilting cab, warning beacons and folding trailer ramp rebuilds into a tow truck or mobile crane.
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a tow truck towing a yellow car, or a mobile crane
  • Suitable for ages 7-12 years
  • Vehicle Transporter Assembled Dimensions: 25L x 5w x 6H cm
  • Tow Truck Assembled Dimensions: 16L x 7w X 5H cm
  • Mobile Crane Assembled Dimensions: 18L x 6w X 5H cm
  • Contents: an off-roader and a sports car, a tilting cab that reveals a detailed engine, folding trailer ramp for easy vehicle access, large exhaust stacks, warning beacons and roof spotlights
  • Batteries Not Required
Was £17.99 Now £14.99
Lego Creator Toy & Grocery Shop 31036
  • Open up for a world of fun with the 3-in-1 Toy & Grocery Shop!
  • Fold out the Lego Creator Toy & Grocery Shop to create a toyshop and grocery shop, or rebuild it into a post office or a newsstand.
  • Folds out to create 2 separate shops: a toyshop and a grocery shop, balcony transforms into a connecting bridge that links two first floor apartments
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a post office or a newsstand
  • Suitable for ages 8-12 years
  • Toy & Grocery Shop Assembled Dimensions: 7L x 13W x 11H cm
  • Post office Assembled Dimensions: 14L x 13W x 11H cm
  • Newsstand Assembled Dimensions: 14L x 13W x 11H cm
  • Contents: shop signs, toy train, toy robot, vending machine, bubblegum machine, cash register, money bill, bottled beverages, newspaper and a map, fruit and vegetable stand, streetlamp, first floor with chest of drawers, lamp and a bed!
  • Batteries Not Required
Was £34.99 Now £28.99
LEGO Creator Treehouse 31010
  • Features 2 tree trunks, detachable Treehouse with detachable roof, secret trapdoor with lock and red bucket trap, fold-down ladder and storage area
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a lakeside hut or farmyard barn
  • Includes a dog and a child minifigure.
  • Suitability 7 +
  • Assembled Dimensions: 27.94L X 26.18W X 6.4H cm
Was £24.99 Now £19.99
Lego Creator Future flyers 31034
  • Thunder through the atmosphere with the 3-in-1 Future Flyers robot!
  • The Lego Creator Future Flyers robot has a rocket-powered backpack with foldout wings, and rebuilds into a futuristic jet or sports car.
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a futuristic jet with forward sweeping wings or a futuristic sports car with spoiler
  • Suitable for ages 7-12 years
  • Robot Assembled Dimensions: 17H cm
  • Jet Assembled Dimensions: 19L x 20W x 6H cm
  • Sports Car Assembled Dimensions: 14L x 8W x 4H cm
  • Contents: a large movable head with large single piercing blue eye, removable backpack with foldout wings and removable rocket boosters, heavy robo-feet with built-in rocket boosters, dark metallic fingers and armored shoulder pads
  • Batteries Not Required
Was £17.99 Now £15.99
Lego Creator Rainforest Animals 31031
  • Have fun with the colorful 3-in-1 Rainforest Animals!
  • The colorful Lego Creator Rainforest Animals set features a parrot, frog and a fly and rebuilds into a chameleon or a tropical fish.
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a chameleon or a tropical fish
  • Suitable for ages 6-12 years
  • Parrot Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 19W x 10H cm
  • Frog Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 7W x 3H cm
  • Fly Assembled Dimensions: 2L x 2W x 2H cm
  • Chamelon Assembled Dimensions: 19L x 8W x 6H cm
  • Tropical Fish Assembled Dimensions: 11L x 6W x 6H cm
  • Contents: a frog, a fly and a parrot with articulated wings and tail, opening mouth and rotatable eyes
LEGO Creator Twinblade Adventures 31020
  • 3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a biplane or helicopter
  • Features turning engines, large spinning rotor blades, dual tail fin, engine exhaust detail, cargo hold and a ramp
  • Adjust the engines for lift-off or smooth forward flight
  • Lower the ramp to access the cargo hold
Was £12.99 Now £10.99
LEGO Creator Blue Power Jet 31039
  • Compatibility: Cockpit can accommodate a mini figure (not included)
  • Suitable for ages 9 - 14 years
  • Blue Power Jet Assembled Dimensions: 38L x 32W x 13H cm
  • Helicopter Assembled Dimensions:39L x 16W x 15H cm
  • Hovercraft Assembled Dimensions: 28L x 10W x 9H cm
  • Contents: A 3-in-1 model
  • Batteries Not Required
LEGO Creator Changing Seasons 31038
  • Fold out to access the detailed interior
  • Car has space for a mini figure to fit
  • Suitable for ages 8 - 12 years
  • Summer Cottage Assembled Dimensions:19L x 19W x 14H cm
  • Autumn Cottage Assembled Dimensions: 13L x 25W x 15H cm
  • Winter Cottage Assembled Dimensions: 13L x 20W x 12H cm
  • Interior Contents: A cottage,2 mini figures, a table, a lamp, a chair, a ladder, a glass and a peaked cap
  • Exterior Contents: A car, 2 awnings, window boxes, a swimming pool, a diving board, a basketball hoop, a barbecue,a sausage, barbecue tongs, a lawn, a lawn mower, a vegetable patch, a lamp, a tree, a bird, a chaise lounge, a table and a mailbox with mail
  • Batteries Required (included)

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