Magic (15)

The Box of Shocks Board Game
  • Sliding spider box Finger breaker
  • Ketchup bottle Pen through hand Fabric pen
  • Whispering magician Snake can Squirting chewing gum
  • Fake hand
  • Fake egg Scorpion booklet
  • Mysterious magic cup
Was £19.99 Now £14.99
Horrid Practical Jokes
  • There are 10 jokes that use the enclosed props
  • There are instructions for 10 more using everyday household items included
  • Horrid Practical Jokes" is a collection of classic Practical Jokes
  • These tricks are very easy to play on whichever poor, hapless takes your fancy
  • If it's NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY - this is the box to buy.
  • If you want a bit of innocent frightful fun - it's perfect
Mr. Creepy Practical Jokes
Was £14.99 Now £10.99
Magic Hat 125 Tricks with DVD
  • Magic hat with secerts
  • Magic Rabbit
Was £14.99 Now £12.99
Gross Magic
  • Snot,slime,
  • Dandruff,
  • Toenail clipplings
  • These tricks are definitely not for the squemish.
Was £19.99 Now £14.99
WOW Magic 55 Trick Collection
Was £14.99 Now £7.49
Rainbow Spring
  • Rainbow Coloured Spring
  • PVC
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Assembled Dimensions: 7.6L x 7.6W x 6.3H cm
  • Contents: 1 rainbow spring
  • Batteries not required.
Marvin's Mind-Blowing 100 Amazing Magic Tricks
  • Incredible card tricks, amazing stunts, and miraculous mind reading
  • Easy to perform tricks to amaze your audience
  • 100 Different Magic Tricks
  • Includes instruction book with illustrations, Instant Vanishing Pen, Incredible Fly Paddles, Frozen in Ice Illusion, Impossible Sixth Sense, Cups and Balls, Incredible Card Tricks and much much more.
  • Batteries not required
Was £24.99 Now £9.99
Mizz Magic Secret Tricks & Illusions Promotional Set
  • Includes: Mizz Magic Cups and Balls, Mystery Cards, Magic Wand and much more.
  • 75 magic tricks for children to perform
  • Bewitching illusions, miraculous mind tricks and astonishing disappearing acts
  • Contains instruction book with illustrations
  • Bonus Marvin's Magic club membership
Was £24.99 Now £9.99

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