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Moana (21)

Disney Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends
  • Boat projects starlight
  • Comes with Pua and Hei Hei figures
  • Includes boat and oar
  • Boat features gentle rocking action
  • Box Dimensions: 7.9L x 51.1W x 38H cm
  • Batteries Required: 3 AA batteries (not included)
Disney Moana of Oceania Adventure Doll
  • Doll has 10 articulation points
  • Movie-inspired outfit
  • Box Dimensions: 5.2L x 15.2W x 22.9H cm
  • Contents: doll, outfit, and necklace.
  • Batteries Not Required
£13.99 (was: £18.99)
Disney Moana's Singing Moana & Friends
  • Includes her loyal pet pig Pua and rooster friend Heihei
  • Push Moana's shell necklace to hear her say actual movie phrases
  • Hear Moana sing "How Far I'll Go" as her iconic necklace lights up
  • Box Dimensions: 12.06L x 30.1W x 38.1H cm
  • Contents: Disney Moana' figure, pet pig Pua and rooster friend Heihei
  • Batteries Required: 3 x AAA batteries (included)
Disney's Maui's Magical Fish Hook
  • Maui's Fish Hook is over 50cm long!
  • Fish Hook has motion activated lights and sounds with sculpted
  • Relive the adventure all over again!
  • Dimensions: 50.8L cm
  • Contents: Maui's Fish Hook
  • Batteries Required: 3 x AAA batteries (included)
LEGO Disney Moana's Island Adventure 41149
  • Moana’s house has a fire for cooking and a cave area with waterfall, a bed, table, basket for fish and a map of Te Fiti
  • Fire has a rotating pole for cooking fish
  • Cave area has special drums, a palm tree and a waterfall with secret reveal function
  • Accessory Contents: A banana, coconut bowl, pineapple, two fish, shell, oar and the heart of Te Fiti
  • Compatibility: Combine with 41150 Moana’s Ocean Voyage to continue the adventure (Each sold separately)
  • Cave area with waterfall Assembled Dimensions: 5L x 11W x 9H cm
  • Moana's house Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 24W x 14H cm
  • Product Piece Count: 205 pieces
  • Contents: Moana mini-doll figure, plus her pet pig Pua
£15.99 (was: £21.99)
Disney Moana Maui the Demigod
  • Figure is poseable
  • Comes with fishhook
  • Box Dimensions: 9.7L x 23W x 32.3H cm
  • Contents: A figure and fishhook
  • Batteries Not Required
£18.49 (was: £24.99)
LEGO Disney Moana's Ocean Voyage 41150
  • Voyaging canoe has a sail and opening deck, Te Fiti island with transformation function and a catapult for the Kakamora
  • Accessory Contents: A banana, pineapple, map, oar and the heart of Te Fiti
  • Compatibility: Combine with 41149 Moana's Island Adventure for even more fun with Moana (Each sold separately)
  • Moana’s Boat Assembled Dimensions: 13L x 13W x 16H cm
  • Te Fiti island Assembled Dimensions: 17L x 5W x 11H cm
  • Product Piece Count: 307 pieces
  • Contents: Moana mini-doll figure, Maui big figure, a Heihei the rooster and two Kakamora
£25.99 (was: £32.99)
Disney's Moana's Magical Necklace
  • Discover the Heart of Te Fiti!
  • Moana's necklace magically lights up when opened and reveals a soft green light
  • Necklace also lights up when closed with a push of a button
  • Contents: Disney's Moana's Magical Necklace
  • Batteries Required: 3 x LR41 Button Cell (included)
Moana Mega Maui- Smyths Exclusive
  • Smyths Exclusive Moana Mega Maui
  • Standing over 40cm tall and approximately 35cm wide
  • Mega Maui is highly detailed with all of his iconic tattoos, ti leaf skirt and his magical fishhook, that he can really hold
  • Press is bone necklace to hear him say hilarious movie phrases
  • Contents: 40cm Figure and removable fishhook
  • Dimensions: 20x38x41cm
  • Batteries Required: 2 x AAA (included)
Disney Moana Singing Plush - Moana
  • Dimensions: 10L x 15W x 40H cm
  • Contents: Disney Moana Singing Plush
  • Batteries Required: included
Disney Moana Adventure Pack
  • Features 6 characters from Disney's Moana
  • Includes Grandma Tala and Chief Tui figures
  • Comes with 5 accessories
  • Includes 2 dolls, 4 figures, and 5 accessories
  • Box Dimensions: 5.8L x 30.3W x 25.4H cm
  • Suitable for ages 3+
Disney Moana Musical Moana of Oceania
  • Introducing Disney's Moana of Oceania
  • Doll sings "How Far I'll Go" featured in the Disney's Moana
  • Poseable figure
  • Box Dimensions: 5.7L x 22.9W x 32.4H cm
  • Contents: doll, outfit, and 4 accessories
  • Batteries Required: 3 x LR44 (included)
£22.49 (was: £29.99)

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