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LEGO Friends Heartlake Pizzeria 41311
  • Enjoy pizza with friends at Heartlake’s Italian restaurant
  • Includes Emma and Oliver mini-doll figures
  • Restaurant accessory elements include plates, glasses, mobile phone, cash register and a bill
  • Prepare pizzas in the restaurant kitchen and use the paddle to place them in the pizza oven
  • Take orders for delivery over the phone, and then jump on the scooter to deliver them
  • Help Emma serve fresh pizza to customers on the restaurant balcony
  • Kitchen accessory elements include a pizza base, three pizzas with different toppings, pizza slice, pizza paddle, frying pan, cheese grater, bowl, hand whisk, rolling pin, food container, sauce bottle, and tomato and basil plants
  • Pizzeria building features a downstairs kitchen with opening door and windows, a pizza oven, worktop, sink, hob, cash register and plant stand, plus an upstairs restaurant balcony with tables and stools
  • Features a two-story Pizzeria building and a delivery scooter
  • Dimensions: Pizzera: 15x12x12cm, Scooter: 5x7x3cm
£21.99 (was: £24.99)
LEGO Friends Stephanie's House 41314
  • Make cakes for a party at Stephanie’s House
  • Features a modular two-story house with a kitchen, porch, lounge, spiral staircase, bedroom, bathroom, office and a rabbit hutch
  • Downstairs features an opening front door, hallway with opening door, kitchen with bay window, opening oven, hob, cooker hood, sink and table with chair and window seat, and a lounge with opening door, sofa, coffee table and a TV
  • Upstairs features a bedroom with bed, desk and opening door to a curved balcony, a shower room with toilet, shower and basin, and an office with desk, swivel chair and a laptop
  • Outside area features a porch with swing chair to seat three mini-dolls, mailbox and a rabbit hutch
  • Accessory elements include a cake, two cupcakes, frying pan, three plates, bowl, kitchen utensils, storage jar, buildable vacuum cleaner, shampoo bottle, perfume bottle, brush, two magazines, basket, carrot, flowers and a vase
  • Help mom Alicia feed the baby rabbit while dad James vacuums the lounge
  • Build and customize this beautiful, modular house with stained glass windows
  • Dimensions: House: 22x25x27cm, Rabbit Hutch: 3x3x3cm
LEGO Friends Heartlake Summer Pool 41313
  • Help Andrea spring off the diving board into the pool
  • Find a quiet spot in the relaxing hot tub and day bed area
  • Swimming pool features a wavy slide, springing diving board, rubber ring, air mattress, aquarium, shower, TV screen, two speakers, fountain, a swim-up bar and steps down to the hot tub area
  • Restroom features opening swing doors, toilet, sink and an opening locker
  • Accessory elements include a ball, glasses, cherries, pineapple, bill, newspaper, basket and an ice cream
  • Dimenions: Pool: 18x24x23cm Hot Tub: 7x12x4cm, Toliet block: 9x6x4cm, Lifeguard stand: 7x3x3cm
£45.99 (was: £49.99)
LEGO Friends Heartlake Cupcake Café 41119
  • A 1-story Cupcake Café with opening door to a bakery and shop area, including an opening oven with tray, mixer, coffee machine, cash register, sofa and table and a rotating window display
  • Open up the oven to take out the tray of freshly baked cupcakes
  • Mix and match the different cupcake toppings to create the perfect cakes and place them on the revolving display
  • Take orders over the phone and then hop on the scooter to deliver them
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Assembled Dimensions: Heartlake Cupcake Café measures over 10cm high, 28cm wide and 12cm deep, delivery scooter measures over 5cm long and under 2cm high and 1cm wide
  • Contents: 439 bricks, 2 mini-doll figures, a scooter with safe
  • Batteries not required
LEGO Friends Livi's Pop Star House 41135
  • Features a modular 2-story house with swivel function for easy play inside
  • Remove the upper floor and swivel this modular house open for easy play inside
  • Choose from the real fabric skirts hanging in Livi’s wardrobe
  • Reverse the TV screen to check the surveillance camera footage
  • Suitable for ages 7+ Reverse the TV screen to check the surveillance camera footage
  • Assembled Dimensions: Pop Star House measures over 15cm high,14cm wide and 25cm deep when closed, and over 15cm high, 25cm wide and 13cm deep when opened out.
  • Contents: Over 590 bricks, 2 mini-doll figures, a dog and accessories.
  • Batteries not required
£39.99 (was: £44.99)
LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House 41122
  • LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House has an opening living space, waterfall, turning bridge obstacle, tyre swing, vine, slide and a climbing wall
  • Put on your helmet and use the grips on the climbing wall to make it to the trophy
  • Use the camera to take a picture of the fox hidden in its natural habitat
  • Take hold of the fishing rod while Joy and her tame eagle Elvis teach you how to fish
  • Climb the stairs to rest in the beds under the opening roof
  • Suitable for ages 7+
  • Adventure Camp Tree House assembled dimensions: 12Lx29Wx26Hcm
  • Contains: over 700 bricks, 3 minifigures, 2 animals, accessories
LEGO Friends Heartlake Supermarket 41118
  • LEGO Friends Heartlake Supermarket opens up for a larger play area
  • Features a fruit display, breakfast aisle, fish display, meat and cheese counter, fridge, bakery counter, turning beauty stand and a checkout with candy display
  • Take a trolley from the trolley park and roll it through the supermarkets aisles
  • Use the tongs to display the cakes and cookies at the bakery candy display
  • Turn the beauty stand to pick out a gift for a friend
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Supermarket assembled dimensions: 16L x19Wx10Hcm
  • Contains: 313 bricks, 2 mini-doll figures, accessories
LEGO Friends Puppy Parade 41301
  • Arrive at the dog show in style with a puppy limo
  • Lead Apollo to the top of the podium to receive his golden trophy
  • Give Andrea the microphone as she stands in front of the TV camera to present the award
  • Accessory elements include a golden trophy, dog bowl, dog biscuit, bone, bow and a microphone
  • Includes an Andrea mini-doll figure, plus Apollo the dog figure
  • Features a limo with doggy features, a podium and a buildable TV camera
  • Dimensions: Limo: 5x15x5cm, Podium: 7x11x2cm
LEGO Friends Heartlake Gift Delivery 41310
  • Drive the van to send special gifts all around Heartlake City
  • Select a present from the stand
  • Take orders from customers in the shop and then pack up their gift
  • Load up the van and enjoy delivering gifts and flowers across Heartlake City
  • Accessory elements include a sack truck, two gift boxes, two balloons, two party hats, two invitations, flowers, bill and a coin
  • Contents: Stephanie mini-doll figure, a gift delivery van, a shop facade with opening door, mailbox, cash register and a gift stand
  • Dimensions: Van: 9x11x5cm, Shop facade: 9x9x3cm
£14.99 (was: £17.99)
LEGO Friends Puppy Championship 41300
  • Have fun with Mia’s two lovable pups at the LEGO Friends Puppy Championship
  • Laugh and play with the puppies as you lead them across the dog show obstacles
  • Give the pups a grand entrance through the sliding doors then pamper them at the grooming station
  • Announce the winner at the microphone before presenting a rosette and a juicy bone
  • Accessory elements include a judging paddle, two rosettes, dog bowl, bone, brush, comb, spray bottle and bows
  • Contents: Mini figures Mia, Scout & Tina dog figures, grand entrance door, turntable, podium, microphone and a raised judging platform with stairs and a slide, plus a tipping agility seesaw, jump with knockable bar, grooming station and a feeding trolley
  • Dimensions: Stage: 10x13x16cm
LEGO Friends Stephanies Friendship Cakes 41308
  • Help Stephanie use the mixer and open up the oven to put the cupcakes inside
  • Use the toppings to decorate the cakes and place them on the turning cake stand
  • Get a special LEGO Friends best friend charm with this set to collect and share with your best friend!
  • Accessory elements include a mixing bowl, spoon, saucepan, storage jar, list, icing pump and cupcake toppings
  • Contents: Stephanie mini-doll figure, plus Daisy the bunny figure, Kitchen features a kitchen sink, opening cupboard with worktop and mixer, opening oven with hob, and a table with a revolving cake stand and two stools
  • Dimensions: Table: 5x4x3cm, Oven: 3x2x1cm, Cupboard: 3x2x1cm, Sink: 7x4x3cm
LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Rafting 41121
  • Features a river bridge area and a camping area
  • Put on the girls’ life jackets to brave the river in the rafting boat
  • Use the falling tree function to add excitement at the finish line
  • Use the camera to take a picture of the bear fishing in the river
  • Set up the plastic fabric tent near the campfire for camping fun at the riverside
  • Combine with LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Archery (sold separately) and the LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House (sold separately) for more Adventure Camp fun!
  • Assembled Dimensions: River bridge area measures over 9cm high, Boat measures over 8cm long, 4cm wide and under 1cm high,Tent measures over 5cm high, 6cm long and 6cm wide
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Contents: Over 300 bricks, 2 mini-dolls, a bear, accessories
  • Batteries not required

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