Sylvanian Families (67)

Sylvanian Families Maple Manor with Carport
  • 4 rooms to play in
  • Detachable carport and roof terrace
  • Contents: 1 Maple Manor with Carport, 1 stair box, 14 fences, 2 extra floor/garden space pieces
  • Sylvanian family and accessories not included
  • Assembled Dimensions: 53L X 55W X 32H cm
Sylvanian Families Treehouse Gift Set
  • Contents: a tree house, a wendy house, a tree swing, a basket, a slide,a choclate rabbit girl, a chocolate rabbit baby,a family barbecue set and a girl's table set
  • A wendy house that can be moved
  • Two rooms hidden in the trunk of the tree
Sylvanian Families Caravan & Family Saloon Car
  • Includes: a caravan, a family saloon car, a baby seat, 2 car trays, a basket a lunch box, 4 sandwiches, 2 jam jars, 2 oven gloves, 2 placemats, a stew pot with lid, an iron, 1 toilet roll, 1 bar of soap, 2 bed settings, 2 maps, 2 games, 4 pictures,
  • 1 table, 2 spoons, 2 knives, 2 forks, a tongs,a chopping knife, a ladle, a wooden spoon, 2 baked goods, an oven tray, a chopping board, 4 drawers, 2 glasses, 1 sugar pot, 2 mugs, 1 tea pot,1 pot of salt and 1 pot of pepper
  • Figures shown not included
Sylvanian Families Celebration Cat Family
  • Includes: 7 poseable figures, Father, Mother, Older Brother, Older Sister, Brother, Sister, and Baby
  • Suitability 3+
Sylvanian Families Country Doctor Gift Set
  • Includes: country doctor clinc,milk rabbit mother and country pharmacy set
  • Includes over 30 pieces
  • Dimensions: 32L X 25W X 19H cm
Sylvanian Families Bluebell Seven Seater
  • Includes: 1 car with detachable 2 seats, 3 child seat, 3bands, a book and a map
  • Figures not included
Sylvanian Families Cosy Cottage Starter Home
  • Includes: a house; a ladder; a chocolate rabbit sister;a table; a bench; 2 chairs; a bed; 1 kitchen table; 1 dish; 1 omlet; 1 fork; 1 pan; 1 mattress and a quilt
Sylvanian Families Girls Bedroom Set
  • Includes: single bed,desk,a chair, a bed cover, a pillow, bed wear, table lamp, a bin, 2 books, 1 dollshouse, 1 piano, 1 piano stool and a calendar
  • Figures not included

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