Monster High (52)

Monster High Ghoulicious Cosmetic Case
  • As with most cosmetics, certain individuals may experience infrequent instances of sensitivity. Apply a spot of colour to the inside of the elbow, and leave for 30-60 minutes. If a reaction occurs, do not use!
  • Suitable for ages 8 - 15
  • Assembled Dimensions: 30.22L x 7.62W x 23.11H cm
  • Contents: Case and 2x lip pencils 1x cream eye shadow 54x lip gloss 1x nail file 1x toe separator 1x lip brush 1x eye applicator 1x blusher brush 10x eye shadows 2 x lipsticks 2 x blush 2x eye pencils 2x nail varnish.
  • Batteries not required.
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Monster High Draculocker
  • This scary locker doubles as a closet and a carrying case for the girl
  • Doll cannot stand alone.
  • Suitability 6 +
  • Batteries not required
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Monster High Freaky Fusion - Neighthan Rot Doll
  • Monster High has an entirely new class of monsters - hybrids, the frightful children of two completely different, completely creepy cool creatures!
  • Mixing unicorn heritage with zombie ancestry, Neighthan Rot is twice the Manster trotting the howlways of Monster High.
  • He is scary cool wearing a shirt and pants that mix colour blocking with clawesome anatomical details.
  • To-die-for accessories, like killer yellow kicks (with specks of blue) and a matching hat - with a hole cut out for his own horn - complete the scary cool look
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: A Neighthan Rot Doll, a doll stand, a brush and diary
  • Batteries Not Required
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Monster High Freaky Fusion - Cleolei Doll
  • In a freaky twist of adventure, some of the favorite Monster High ghouls get accidentally fused together in ways never seen before!
  • Fusing the Mummy heritage of Cleo de Nile with the werecat ancestry of Toralei, Cleolei has some ferocious issues - they'll have to find a way to work together to keep the claws from coming out.
  • Cleolei doll wears a clawesome yellow fashion with hieroglyphic-inspired print and shimmery jacket.
  • To-die-for accessories, like strappy platforms, a colorful cat-adorned belt and a golden headband complete the scary cool look.
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Contents: One Cleolei Doll, a doll stand, a brush and humorous fusion diary.
  • Batteries Not Required
Was £19.99 Now £18.99
Monster High Freaky Fusion Inspired Ghouls Operetta
  • Fusion is all the rage, and Operetta has been inspired by Frankie Stein.
  • Voltageous Frankie Stein® features on this Daughter of the Phantom of the Opera include a lightning bolt headband, electric bolt necklace and riveting purse with silvery Skullette decal.
  • She looks killer in a pink and black dress with music-inspired print, cool collar and ruffled tulle hem.
  • To-undie-for accessories include color-blocked tights, rocking heels, a bangle and tie belt.
  • Doll also comes with a Skullette-shaped brush and doll stand.

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