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Barbie Potty Training Taffy
  • Barbie doll shows how much she loves her pet by taking good care of Taffy
  • Help Barbie feed and clean up after her pet
  • Pet really pees and poops
  • Contents: A Barbie doll, Taffy the dog, a dog-food-toting pack, a doggie food dish with treats, a pooper scooper, a trash can and more
  • Batteries Not Required
Barbie and Teresa Fashion Giftset
  • Girls can play fashion stylist for Barbie and Teresa with a variety of fun looks!
  • Mix-and-match fashions range from dressy to casual.
  • Cool accessories like purses, shoes and belts complete the look.
Barbie Wedding Gift Set
  • Ken doll is waiting for his bride wearing a classic black and white tuxedo, a black bowtie and a pair of matching shoes
  • Bridesmaids Stacie and Chelsea dolls will help their sister celebrate the special day in lovely lavender dresses
  • Barbie doll is ready to marry Ken wearing a glamorous bridal gown
  • Contents: A Barbie bride doll, a Ken groom doll, a Stacie bridesmaid doll, a Chelsea bridesmaid doll, 3 bouquets and a wedding cake
  • Batteries Not Required
Barbie Malibu Ave. Mall
  • Discover fashionable finds, fabulous fun and “amazing” adventures at the Malibu Ave
  • Four mall-velous places to explore the beauty shop, dress boutique, movie theatre and food court
  • Moving escalator
  • Make a “withdrawal” at the ATM
  • Dimensions: 7L x 51W x 38H cm
  • Compatibility: For a tech twist, insert a smartphone (not included) and watch a movie in the theatre! Smartphone holder fits phones size 13L x 6.35W x 1.5H cm
  • Contents: A Barbie Malibu Ave. Mall Includes with escalator feature, ATM and themed accessories (Dolls not included)
  • Batteries Not Required
£50.00 (was: £89.99)
Barbie Splish Splash Doll and Pup
  • See Barbie's puppy really shake herself off to try and dry herself just like a real puppy
  • Fill the signature style squeeze bottle with soap and water
  • Place the pup into the tub and get her sudsy
  • Push down on the puppy’s back to see her wiggle, shake and spin her tail
  • Pour water over the puppy to rinse her off
  • Help Barbie doll use the puppy’s towel to dry her pet
  • Contents: A Barbie doll, a puppy, a squeeze bottle, a tub, a brush and a towel
  • Batteries Not Required
£18.49 (was: £24.99)
72cm Tall Barbie Doll
  • Barbie comes dressed in a fashionable outfit
  • Articulated to allow fun modelling poses
  • Beautiful rooted eyelashes give Barbie a glamorous movie star look
  • You can restyle Barbies hair however you like
  • Dimensions: 18L x 10W x 72H cm
  • Contents: A 72cm Barbie Doll and a hair brush
  • Batteries Not Required
£29.99 (was: £39.99)
Barbie Saddle 'N Ride Tawny Horse
  • Barbie wears a patterned tunic with a denim cropped jacket, a pair of pink pants, a pair of tall brown riding boots and a stylish pink helmet
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: A Barbie doll and a horse
  • Works best on flat, smooth surfaces such as tiles or wooden floors
  • Batteries Required: 4 AAA batteries (not included)
Barbie Farm Vet Doll and Playset
  • Lot’s of possibilities for pet care and career exploration
  • Contents: A Barbie farm vet doll wearing career fashion and accessories, a barn structure, seven animal patients, four removable casts, a stethoscope, a feeding bottle and a medicine bottle
  • Batteries Not Required
Barbie Great Puppy Adventure Spin 'N Ride Pups
  • Barbie wears a floral tunic and blue plastic pants with boots and a pink helmet for safety
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents:A Barbie doll wearing fashion and accessories (including helmet), a bicycle with two skateboard attachments, a mommy dog and a puppy
  • Batteries Not Required
£20.00 (was: £24.99)
Barbie Spy Squad Secret Agent Doll
  • Roll for cartwheels and flips
  • Collect all of the characters from the Barbie Spy Squad to close any case (each sold separately, subject to availability).
  • Contents: A Barbie Secret Agent Doll wearing a trench coat, a pair of sunglasses and a rolling spy gadget
  • Batteries Not Required
£16.99 (was: £22.99)
Barbie Malibu Beach House
  • Three story beach house with 6+ rooms and 180° of play
  • First floor offers a kitchen and living room, complete with a glam pink chandelier
  • The Beach House has an elevator to take Barbie and her friends from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor
  • On the 2nd floor a bathroom, dressing area and bedroom can be found
  • Third floor features an outdoor sundeck, complete with a telescope
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Dolls not included
Barbie and Skipper with Jeep
  • Exclusive to Smyths Toys!!
  • Barbie doll wears a pair of pink capri leggings with a graphic top, a pink headband and a pair of hiking shoes
  • Skipper doll wears a pair of purple shorts, a blue t-shirt, a pair of white hiking boots and a colourful hat
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: Barbie, Skipper, a jeep, a pink watch and a purple water bottle
  • Batteries Not Required

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