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Barbie and the Secret Door Princess Alexa Doll
  • Capture the magic of the new DVD Barbie and The Secret Door with this gorgeous Princess doll.
  • Wave her wand to hear her sing two song clips from the movie and see her bodice flash with lights
  • She wears her finale dress, which fans of the film will recognize.
  • The shimmery bodice, flower accents and shiny skirt enchant with brilliant neon colours.
  • Re-create magical moments from the film!
£10.00 (was: £19.99)
Barbie and Teresa Fashion Giftset
  • Girls can play fashion stylist for Barbie and Teresa with a variety of fun looks!
  • Mix-and-match fashions range from dressy to casual.
  • Cool accessories like purses, shoes and belts complete the look.
Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll
  • Make a real splash with the Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid doll!
  • Simply press the button in Barbie dolls necklace to switch her to “on” mode
  • 3 light patterns
  • Contents: A Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll
  • Batteries Required: 3 AG13 batteries (included)
Barbie Wedding Gift Set
  • Ken doll is waiting for his bride wearing a classic black and white tuxedo, a black bowtie and a pair of matching shoes
  • Bridesmaids Stacie and Chelsea dolls will help their sister celebrate the special day in lovely lavender dresses
  • Barbie doll is ready to marry Ken wearing a glamorous bridal gown
  • Contents: A Barbie bride doll, a Ken groom doll, a Stacie bridesmaid doll, a Chelsea bridesmaid doll, 3 bouquets and a wedding cake
  • Batteries Not Required
Barbie and Horse
  • Exclusive to Smyths Toys!!
  • Barbie doll fits in the bright pink saddle for a day of horseback riding
  • Style the horse’s beautiful blonde mane and tail
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: Barbie doll, a horse, a saddle and reins
  • Batteries Not Required
Barbie and Skipper with Jeep
  • Exclusive to Smyths Toys!!
  • Barbie doll wears a pair of pink capri leggings with a graphic top, a pink headband and a pair of hiking shoes
  • Skipper doll wears a pair of purple shorts, a blue t-shirt, a pair of white hiking boots and a colourful hat
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: Barbie, Skipper, a jeep, a pink watch and a purple water bottle
  • Batteries Not Required
Barbie Saddle 'N Ride Tawny Horse
  • Barbie wears a patterned tunic with a denim cropped jacket, a pair of pink pants, a pair of tall brown riding boots and a stylish pink helmet
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: A Barbie doll and a horse
  • Works best on flat, smooth surfaces such as tiles or wooden floors
  • Batteries Required: 4 AAA batteries (not included)
Barbie Rock 'N Royals Courtney Doll
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: One Barbie Rock 'n Royals Courtney Doll
  • Batteries Required: 3 AG13 batteries (included)
£12.99 (RRP: £22.99)
Barbie Spy Squad Secret Agent Doll
  • Roll for cartwheels and flips
  • Collect all of the characters from the Barbie Spy Squad to close any case (each sold separately, subject to availability).
  • Contents: A Barbie Secret Agent Doll wearing a trench coat, a pair of sunglasses and a rolling spy gadget
  • Batteries Not Required
£16.99 (was: £22.99)
Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom Snap 'n Style Princess
  • Long, pink and purple streaked hair
  • 4 colourful beads
  • Snap the beads into the included hair tool and press the button to twist the hair in an instant
  • Wear-and-share hair clips can also be worn by you
  • Hair Length Dimensions: 22 cm
  • Contents: A Barbie doll, 4 colourful beads, 4 hair pieces, a hair tool, a brush, a tiara and three barrettes
  • Batteries Not Required
Barbie Airbrush Designer Studio and Doll Set
  • Compatibility: Fashions fit most Barbie dolls
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: A Barbie, a washable white dress and shoes, an airbrush, a craft station, a dress form, a skirt, 2tops, 5 stencils and4 airbrush markers
  • Batteries Required: 4 AA batteries (not included)
£16.99 (was: £27.99)
Barbie Secret Agent Motorcycle
  • The sporty motorcycle has signature style with a pink body and “chrome” accents
  • Place the adorable pup with moulded goggles and helmet into the sidecar seat, buckle up and take off in hot pursuit
  • Secret-agents-in-training will love recreating action scenes from the movie or spinning new spy adventures
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: A motorcycle, a puppy figure and a side car (Barbie doll sold separately)
  • Batteries Not Required
£15.49 (was: £20.99)

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