Meccano Meccanoid Tech Large Robot G15 KS

Catalogue #: 142698
£149.99 (was: £199.99)

Meccano Meccanoid Tech Large Robot G15 KS

Catalogue #: 142698
£149.99 (was: £199.99)
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Product Description


  • The Meccanoid is 100% compatible with Classic Meccano.
  • Robot Height: almost 4 feet (122 cm)
  • Number of parts: 1064
  • Number of smart motors: 4
  • Articulation: Basic
  • Power supply: Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack
  • Voice Recognition
  • Pre-programmed phrases: 1000
  • Programmable LED Eyes (500+ colors)
  • Robot interacts with smart devices through Bluetooth - compatible with iOS and Android Free App!

Product Description

Introducing the Meccanoid Robot G15KS coming soon!

Check out Meccanoid by clicking 'Play Video' icon.

Meccanoid G15 KS and Meccanoid G15 are your personal robot friends that you get to build using the latest Meccano parts. It is an advanced, yet easy-to-use, open source Robotic Building platform.

The robots use their onboard “Mecca Brain” and voice recognition, say thousands of phrases, tell jokes, offer fun facts, play games and interact with you, initiate conversations and even give you a high- five!

Meccanoid G15KS and Meccanoid G15 feature an easy programming option we call "LIM" - Learned Intelligent Movement, where you program movements and sounds and play it back with a push of a button. It sounds complex, but simplicity is central to the design. So even if you are new to robotics and programming, the Meccanoid features the most innovative and easy programming.

Meccanoid G15 KS and Meccanoid G15 can record and playback animations, process voice recognition, and communicate with smart devices through Bluetooth. With a brand new free app, Meccanoids can be programmed via Motion Capture, where the robots will mimic your moves! You can also use the app to program Meccanoid G15 KS through a “ragdoll” Avatar, where you can record sounds and movements to play with later—and also share with your friends.

And that’s just the beginning! Meccanoid G15 KS and Meccanoid G15 are open source, so you can program them however you like using any code programing existing in the market place today! Data communication protocols will be made openly available.

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