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Fisher Price Imaginext Supernova Battlerover
  • Put kids in the driver’s seat of a gigantic, alien-battling adventure.
  • Enjoy hours of play with the large claw arm featuring spring loaded pincher.
  • Kid-activated control panel.
  • Bring other Imaginext space figures, vehicles and accessories to the Battle Rover for more inter-galactic fun and excitement (Sold separately).
  • Assembled Dimensions: 80.3L x 39.9W x 40.6H cm
  • Contents: One Vehicle and an amazing removable space shuttle in one, Projectiles, Disc launchers, Alien-detecting chamber, 19 lights, 200 unique sound effects and phrases and 3 figures included.
  • Batteries Required: 7 x AA Batteries (not included).
Xeno Pacific Blue
  • 10 real emotions including happy, sad and hungry
  • Baby Monster who really interacts and plays with you
  • Plays 5 mini-games.
  • Batteries required 4 x AA (Included)
Was £79.99 Now £63.99
Power Loader Tractor, Loader, Backhoe and Trailer
  • Fully enclosed drive chain
  • Fully working backhoe with footrest for children
  • Detachable twin axle trailer with tipping action and swivel seat
Zoomer Dino Snaptail
  • Exclusive Zoomer Dino
  • Eyes change colour depending on his mood
  • True balance technology
  • Ultimate interactive pet
  • Use your hands to tame his dino nature
  • Super cyclone action
  • Control him with the included control pod
  • 1 instruction guide included
  • 1 mini USB cable included
  • Requires 3xAAA batteries (not inlcuded)
Was £99.99 Now £59.99
Zoomer Dog Zoomie
  • Most technologically advanced robot puppy ever made.
  • Listens just like a real Dog.
  • She's smart, too — this tri-lingual dog understands English, Spanish and French.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 29L x 22W x 23H cm
  • Charges via USB cable.
  • Charging Time: 1 hour.
  • Running Time: 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Can interact with Zoomer Dog
  • 1 instruction guide included. 1 mini USB charging cable include.
Was £79.99 Now £54.99
John Deere Big Farm Combine Harverster
  • Removable front outside dual wheel
  • Right side rear panel opens
  • Oscillating Rear axle
  • Movable mirrors
  • Detachable grain head
  • Feeder housing raises and lowers
Teksta T-Rex
  • T-Rex responds to youur voice
  • Lights and sounds with expressive eye patterns
  • Stroke his face to hear him roar
  • Over 100 physical and app-sized interactive play features
  • Bone accessory included
  • 4xAA batteries required
Was £59.99 Now £49.99
NERF Zombie Strike Longshot Blaster
  • Holds 12 Zombie strike darts
  • Long range targeting scope
  • Load up fast with the quick reload clip
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Assembled Dimensions: 35.56L x 3.3W x 9.85H cm
  • Contents:
  • Batteries not required.
Was £32.99 Now £24.99
Xeno Burnt Orange
  • He has over 10 real emotions including happy, sad and hungry
  • Loveable baby monster who really interacts and plays with you.
  • He asks to play with you and plays 5 mini-games.
  • Suitabiity 5 +
  • Batteries Required 2 x AA (Included)
Was £79.99 Now £63.99
VTech RC Triceratops
  • Radio control
  • Features LCD screen
  • Features phrases and Dino facts
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Assembled Dimensions: 33L x 10W x 18H cm
  • Contents: One Triceratops.
  • Batteries Required: 2 x AA Batteries (included).
Zoomer Dino Boomer The Robotic Dinosaur
  • Most technologically advanced robot dinosaur ever made.
  • Use your hands to tame his Dino nature.
  • Teach Boomer tricks.
  • Balances on his own using True Balance technology.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 22L x 37W x 25H cm
  • Charges via USB cable.
  • Required: 3xAAA batteries for control pad (not included).
  • Charging Time: 1 hour. Running time 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • 1 instruction guide included. 1 mini USB charging cable include.
Was £99.99 Now £59.99
Zoomer Zuppies Roxy
  • Roxy has a unique personality
  • Roxy expieriences different emotions and moods
  • Roxy reacts to movement
  • Scratch Roxy's chest and be rewarded with happy barks and panting noises
  • You'll create a unique bond with Roxy that only you two will share
  • Roxy will also interact with big brother and sister Zoomer and Zoomie
  • Tap Roxy's back and nose and you'll get a musical treat
Was £39.99 Now £34.99

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