Science Sets (19)

Hot Wires Set
  • Ultimate snap together electronics.
  • Involves light, sound and movement.
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for ages 10+
  • Assembled Dimensions: 45.8L x 7.4W x 35.4H cm
  • Contents:Transparent assembly work station, Fuses, Connectors, Buzzer, Touch plate, Switches, Photo resistor, LEDs, Battery units, Loud speaker, Sound ICs, Motor unit, Propeller, Antenna coil, Lamp, Bulb, Microphone, Power amp IC, Resistors, Capacitors,
  • Transistors, FM high frequency IC, Diod, Recording IC and Instructions.
  • Batteries Required: 4 x AA Batteries.
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Dr. Toxic's Slime Lab
  • Suitability 10+
  • Contents :Slime Lab,Slime powder,Pearl effect liquid,Powdered slime colouring,Worm goo,Worm setting powder,Mixing spoon,tweezers,goggles and instructions
  • Batteries not required
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Chemistry Set
Was £24.99 Now £19.99
Booms Bangs Fizzes
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Gross Science
  • You can perform 12 Horrid yucky activities that will teach you about such things as the following
  • How farts brew and see a burp in action
  • What a poo is made from and how one is formed
  • Make loads of snot and watch it flow uphill
  • Why scabs and boils form and make your own
  • How you can make a life-size bouncy eyeball and wobbly brain
  • How you can make edible skin
  • Contents: Safety goggles Putty Powder Boil sheet Syringe Cotton Bud Fake maggots Stomach model Snot powder Fart/Burp Canister Moulds Vomit glue Wax paper Eyeball powder Iris Call Red, Yellow and Blue food colouring Instructions This kit requires some add
Was £19.99 Now £16.99
Aqua Dragons Underwater World
  • Compatibility: Aqua Dragons Eggs and Food Blister Pack (127473) sold separately.
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Assembled Dimensions: 15L x 4W x 16H cm
  • Contents: Tank, Eggs and Food, Pipette, Feeding spoon, Ownership certificate and Full instructions.
  • Batteries not required.
Haynes V8 Model Engine
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Trends Science Live Wire
  • Live wire unit
  • wires and step by step manual
  • Requires 2xAA batteries (Not included)
Was £16.99 Now £12.99

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