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TOMY Super Colour Deluxe Aquadoodle Mat
  • Fill the pen with water, run over the mat and your drawings appear like magic in vivid neon colours!
  • When the water dries, drawings fade away, ready to start all over again!
  • Helps to develop hand eye coordination
  • Helps to stimulates the creativity of the child and broadens the imagination
  • No mess, no ink, no stains!
  • Any water that does run off the mat, runs clear. No mess, no stains, nothing to worry about
  • Dimensions: 95L x 75W x 0.3H cm
  • Contents: An aquadoodle mat, an easy grip pen, a pad, 3 stampers, a water brush and a water pot
  • Batteries Not Required
Build-A-Bear Stuffing Station
  • Stuff, dress, and cuddle 2 Build-A-Bear® Furry Friends in your own home!
  • Customise your Furry Friends with individual outfits, birth certificates, and names
  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Contents: Build-A-Bear Stuffing Station, Build-A-Bear Furry Friends, T-Shirts, Build-A-Bear Birth Certificates, 2 Build-A-Bear Hearts, 22 Paper Accessories, 2 Bags of Stuffing & 1 Instruction Guide
Bunchems Mega Pack
  • Squish, connect and create with Bunchems! They stick to each other and build like no other. They stick and stay then pull apart for endless play!
  • The Mega Pack includes over 400 pieces! 370 Bunchems and 37 accessories to make 36 critter characters or anything you can imagine!
  • Your imagination will run wild with Bunchems! And clean-up is a breeze; they stick to each other with magical ease!
  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Warning: Keep away from hair. May become entangled. Please see http://www.bunchems.com/videos.php?vid=6 for more information.
Glow In The Dark Super Sand Art
  • Enough for 6 projects
  • Suitability 6+
  • Contents: 6 bottles, 2 bags of glow in the dark sand, 3 bags of colour sand, a satin cord, a design tool, a plastic funnel and an instruction sheet
  • Batteries Not Required
Creative Scrapbook Kit
  • Design a 40 page scrapbook
  • 10 scrapbooks each with 20 sheets
  • Colours and styles may vary
  • Contents: 10 scrapbooks, a wavy-edge scissors, frames, borders, icons, photo corners, punch-out letters, stickers, holographic hearts, mini pom-poms, sequins, rub-on icons, sparkling stones, ribbon, a ball point pen and a glue stick
  • Batteries Not Required
  • Extrudes eco-friendly plastic that hardens rapidly, allowing you to literally draw in the air
  • Designed to be completely safe for kids aged 8+ with no hot parts
  • Eco-friendly - non-toxic, biodegradable plastic melts at low temperatures
  • Easy to Use – just turn it on, insert a strand and start Doodling
  • Get kids thinking in 3D - enhances motor skills, planning, building & spatial understanding
  • Pen nozzle and plastic can safely be touched with no risk of burning
  • Biodegradable Eco-Plastic, made entirely from food-grade materials, BPA-Free, Non-Toxic
  • Doodle on almost any material without damage Adheres firmly to clear plastics
  • Contents: 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen, 2 mixed-colour packs of Eco-Plastic (48 strands), micro-USB charging cable, and 3Doodler Start Activity Guide
Easy DIY Spray Magic Deluxe Set
  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • Contents: Air spray brush, 8 water colour pens, and 4 sheets of stencils
  • Batteries Required: 2 AA batteries (not included)
I'm So Popglam 3D Colour Your Own Pillow
  • Dimensions: 30L X 5W X 28.5H cm
  • Suitability 6+
Fluffimals Fluffy Factory
  • Choose and design your FlufiMals personality by deciding which fluff to add to you FlufiMal
  • Fill out the adoption certificate and love your FlufiMal forever
  • Care for your FlufiMal with the FluffiMal brush
  • Extend your FlufiMal collection with additional characters including Snuggly Puppy, Loveable Bunny and Cuddly Kitten (Each sold separately)
  • Contents: A fluffy bear, a fluffy factory, a heart, magic personality fluffy stuffing, a tweezers, a hairbrush, birth certificates and personality ingredient cards
  • Batteries Not Required
Paw Patrol Aquadoodle
  • Join Chase and the rest of the Paw patrol in hours of creative mess-free fun!
  • Soak the bottom of Chase’s police truck, run him over the mat, and watch as prints magically appear!
  • No mess, no ink and no stains- once the water has dried, drawings fade away, ready to start all over again!
  • As the drawing dries, designs fade away, ready for the mat to be used over and over
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Fun designs around the outside are easy to copy, ideal for creative inspiration
  • Contents: 1 x Aquadoodle mat, 1 x Aquadoodle pen, 1 water pad, 1 x roller
  • Dimensions of Mat: 68 x 55 x 0.3cm
DohVinci Door Decor Kit
  • Create awesome designs with 3D lines that pop right off the page with this DohVinci design kit
  • Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3: choose a colour, pop it into the Styler, and squeeze to design
  • Door Decor bedroom sign will tell everyone who the artist in the house is
  • Includes inspiration guide with how-to and ideas for becoming a DohVinci designer
  • Dimensions: 5L X 25.5W X 27.4H cm
Super Air Brush Tattoo Workshop
  • Create hundreds of cool tattoos
  • Includes: 12 air brushes, 8 tattoo markers, 14 tubs of glitter, 2 bottles body glue , 2 small brushes and 1 sponge.
  • Suitability 8+
  • Batteries required: 4 x C ( not included)

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