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Stretch Scooby Doo
  • Fully stretchable action figure that always returns back to its normal shape
  • Scooby can stretch up to 32.5cm which is 3 times his original
  • Suitable for ages 5+
£14.99 (was: £19.99)
Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion Playset
  • This Mystery Mansion Playset has lots of spooky features
  • Step on the loose step and the doors clatter and bang open!
  • Watch Out!Go near the trap door and this ghoul will reach out from his hiding place to scare you!
  • Walk carefully up the stairs otherwise you will be surprised by a sudden movement below your feet!
  • There is a cannon in the roof,keep out of range of its spring loaded barrage or use it against grizzly ghouls!
  • Mind the loose chandalier does not drop on you!
  • Don't lean on the Mirror!It will release the trapdoor underneath you!
  • Suitability 3+
  • Batteries not required
Scooby Stackable Soft Toy- Assortment
  • Have lots of stackable, squishable fun with Scooby-Doo Stackable Soft Toys
  • Stackable Soft Toys are super cute soft toys that are shapes so that you can stack them together
  • Scooby, Hawaiian Scooby, Bat Scooby, Mystery Machine Scooby, Hot Dog Scooby or Sports Scooby
  • Collect them all! One supplied
  • Contents: 1 x Stackable Soft Toy
  • Dimensions: 8x11x6cm
Mini Stretch Scooby Doo - Assortment
  • New 15cm stretchable action figure
  • Scooby is available in 3 styles, Original Scooby, Zombie and Skeleton
  • Scooby-Doo can stretch up to 7 X his original size!
  • Grab hold and stretch his arms, legs and body
  • Release and Scooby retracts back to his normal size and shape
  • Contents: 1 x Stretch Action Figure
Scooby Doo Mystery Mini 5 Figure Pack Assortment
  • Scooby-Doo Mystery Mini's range
  • Pack of 5 fully articulated 6cm scale action figures
  • Set includes the mystery solving crew as well as a selection of your favourite villains!
  • Scaled for play with Mystery Mini's playsets and vehicles
  • Contents: 5 x articulated figures
Scooby Doo Mystery Mini Vehicle - Assortment
  • 3 to collect (Each sold separately)
  • Compatibility: Scaled for play with Mystery Mini's playsets and vehicles (Each sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 6.4H cm
  • Helicopter Set Contents: A helicopter with cage and a Scooby figure
  • Motorbike Set Contents: A motor bike with cage tube, a mini bear trap and a Shaggy figure
  • Jeep set Contents: A jeep and a Fred figure
  • Batteries Not Required
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