Power Rangers (99)

Imaginext Power Rangers Green Ranger & Dragonzord Remote Control
  • Turn Power Pad on the Dragonzord’s back to open his chest and reveal cockpit Get moving!
  • Remote control drives the Zord forward and backward Ready, aim fire!
  • Push button to fire 5 projectiles at once
  • Shake the remote and the Dragonzord will go into his iconic “battle spin”
  • Mouth & chest light up
  • Awesome sound effects
  • Contents: A Dragonzord, a remote control, a Green Ranger figure, a sword and 5 projectiles
  • Batteries Required: 6 AA batteries (included) 2 AAA (Not included)
£49.99 (was: £79.99)
Power Rangers Dino Super Charge T-Rex Morpher
  • Morpher & Battle Gear in one!
  • Sound effects from the TV series
  • Insert Dino Chargers to activate sound effects
  • Two Morph Modes – morph from Dino Mode into Blaster mode!
  • Connects with the Dino Charge Morpher for super charged battle action!
  • Recognizes different Dino Chargers for unique sounds
  • 60+ Dino Chargers available throughout the year
  • Includes 2 Dino Chargers
  • Batteries required: LR44 x 3 (included)
£22.49 (was: £29.99)
Fisher-Price Imaginext Morphin Megazord Power Rangers
  • Back of playset features a jail, a training area, an elevator and much more
  • Multiple levels and platforms for added play
  • Suitable for ages 3 - 8 years
  • Dimensions: 15L x 40.5W x 71H cm
  • Contents: A Morphing Megazord, a red and a black Power Rangers figures, 6 disk projectiles and 9 long projectiles
  • Batteries Required: 3 AG13 button cell batteries (included)
£49.99 (RRP: £62.99)
Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Dino Drive Sabre
  • Light and Sound Effects!
  • One all new Dino Charger included
  • Charger unlocks even more special sounds
  • Includes 1 all new Dino Charger
  • Holds up to 6 Dino Chargers at once (additional chargers sold separately)
  • Batteries required: 3 x LR44 (included)
£19.99 (was: £24.99)
Power Rangers Legacy Mighty Morphin Helmet
  • Show accurate design
  • Premium display stand included
  • Dimensions: 28L x 21W x 25H cm
  • Contents: A Power Rangers Legacy Mighty Morphin Helmet
  • Batteries Not Required
Imaginext Power Rangers Command Centre
  • 2 Power Pads bring the Power Rangers Command Centre to life!
  • Turn first Power Pad to light up Zordon and imagine your next mission
  • Turn second Power Pad to reveal the cannon, press button to fire
  • Contents: A Command Centre playset, Alpha 5 figure, Blue Power Ranger figure with 2 weapons, and 3 projectile launchers
  • Batteries Required: 3 AA batteries (included)
£29.99 (was: £34.99)
Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Titano Megazord
  • 3 Ways to Play
  • Morph into two modes: Megazord Mode and dino mode!
  • Combines with Zord Builder items
  • Power up with Dino Charger!
  • Includes 1 Dino Charger
Power Rangers Legacy Morpher
  • Coins activate sound effects and lights
  • Die-cast metal parts
  • Dimensions: 4L x 11.5W x 7.5H cm
  • Contents: 5 die-cast metal coins
  • Batteries Required: 2 LR44 batteries (included)
Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Plesio Megazord
  • 3 Ways to Play
  • Morph into 2 modes: Megazord Mode and Rocket Mode!
  • Combines with Zord Builder items
  • Includes 1 Dino Charger
£29.99 (was: £35.99)
Fisher-Price Imaginext Pink Ranger and Pterodactyl Zord
  • Young Power Rangers fans will love re-enacting battle scenes from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV show and movies
  • Turn Power Pad to spread the Pterodactyl Zord's wings and open its mouth
  • Press button to fire launchers
  • Contents: Pterodactyl Zord, Pink Ranger figure with bow and arrow and 2 projectiles
  • Batteries Not Required
£14.99 (was: £17.99)
Power Rangers Dino Super Charge 12.5cm Silver Ranger
  • 12.5cm figure of the Silver Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
  • Multiple points of articulation
  • Includes 2 battle gear items
  • Contents: 1 x 12.5cm Silver Ranger figure, 2 x weapon
Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Morpher Launcher
  • Role play like a real Power Ranger!
  • Launch darts to battle evil!
  • Contents: Launch Morpher, 4 foam darts, 1 Dino Charger
  • Insert a Dino Charger to activate the scope and improve your aim

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