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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign Mode! Check out the awesome action here!

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the latest addition to the long library of games from Activision and Infinity Ward and the newest installment of the Call of Duty brand. This time around they are taking the game in a new direction and that’s in space. Call of Duty has always been the bench mark for first person shooters and have gone through so many eras, like first and second world war, cold war and recently space.


The new campaign mode for Infinite warfare is set in space and about a team fighting to keep the solar system in one piece. Earth depends on the mining of other planets for minerals and there are major outposts that must be kept safe. This draws radicals who want control of these themselves; one group is called SDF (Settlement Defense Front) and is fronted by Admiral Kotch who is played by Kit Harrington (Jon Snow in Game of Thrones) and team of high experienced soldiers including Captain Bradley Fillion played by Conor McGregor. You play as Nick Reyes and Captain the Retribution which is one of the only Warships left to defend the outposts and earth. The game will take you to outer space locations, battles on board warships and pilot your very own Jackal. There is also new game mechanics like zero gravity space and new equipment like booster packs and grappling hooks. The campaign is action packed and all the thrills and spills of a Hollywood blockbuster.


The multiplayer for Infinite Warfare brings in the new class system called combat rigs; they all have their own unique play styles and bring something different to the battle. There are six in total; Warfighter, Merc, FTL, Stryker, Phantom and Synaptic. They all have different payloads, weapons and abilities, like the Synaptic is made for quick gun and run play but the phantom is designed for stealth. Infinite warfare multiplayer has kept abilities like slide, wall run and thrust jumps; like in Black Ops III.

There are hundreds of weapons like classics ballistic weapons and melee types; & energy and futuristic weapons as well. There is a new system were you gather salvage by winning and playing and then use this to build new prototype weapons or existing weapons with unique perks. The multiplayer is fast and action packed and the new outer space setting brings a new and exciting twist to the franchise.


Zombies in Spaceland is the first map in the new zombie’s game and is set in an 80’s movie theme park. The four characters are aspiring actors trapped inside a horror film directed by Willard Wyler and must survive till the end and assisted by a DJ played by David Hasselhoff.


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