Jake and the Neverland Pirates (19)

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Sailwagon
  • This cool vehicle is a cross between a sailboat and a speed-wagon, with fast rolling action!
  • The Sailwagon also features a working cannon with a “water” ball so Jake can defend the treasure from Captain Hook!
  • Complete with steering wheel, spyglass headlights, and a sail emblazoned with a golden doubloon, the Never Land Sailwagon is perfect for land-lovin’ pirate adventures!
  • Includes Sailwagon with Jake, Izzy and Cubby poseable figures.
Jake's Magical Tiki Hideout
  • Place the magical tiki onto any one of the 3 "X" spots on the playset.
  • Press the tiki button and watch the magical action begin as the tiki magically powers the hideout's features.
  • There is also a balcony with a spyglass to keep a closer eye on any sea vessels that happen to pass by.
  • Jake can man the cannon to defend the hideout from Hook and his scallywag crew.
  • Jake can climb up the ladder in the back and slide down the wooden slide to make a quick getaway.
  • Includes working cannon with projectile “water” balls, poseable Jake figure, and magical tiki.
  • Requires 1 "AA" (LR6) battery.
Jake Pirate Chest
  • Pirate belt
  • Sword
  • A pirate island map
  • Spyglass
  • Red Bandana
  • Compass
Jake Adventure Pirate Ship Bucky
  • Bucky is fully equipped to battle Hook and his rew to defend Jake’s treasure!
  • From the crow’s nest you can spot Hook!
  • With the real working cannon you can fire water ball projectiles or launch your secret weapon, Tick Tock Croc, who explodes from a hidden trap door!
Jake Skull Island Playset
  • Press the tiki head to trap other characters in the mouth of skull as teeth fall down.
  • Open and closed the eye patch hatch to see if your pirate enemies are on their way!
  • The Skull Island playset has a real working cannon that shoots waterball projectiles.
  • Peg a figure into the mouth area, spin the hidden revolving door, and the figure disappears to the back of Skull Island.
  • Playset comes with a Peter Pan figure that is articulated at shoulder and waist, as well as 3 water projectiles and a flag pole.
Jake Hooks Adventure Rock
  • Hook’s Adventure Rock is packed with action and secret tricks to help Hook protect his beloved treasure!
  • Turn the wheel to make the ship sway from side to side as the rock face becomes animated.
  • Hook can stand on the shipwreck's crow’s nest that extends to over 16 inches tall, becoming a crane.
  • The crane can swing the figure over to each of the two side platforms.
  • Peg the figure on any of the two platforms and fire the real working cannon to detour any trespassers.
  • But watch out for the trap doors below as one sends you ramping off the playset and the other to even greater danger with Tick Tock Croc lurking below.
  • Press Tick Tock Croc’s tail to make him chomp.
  • This exciting new playset has 360 degree play on all sides to stir the imagination from the world of Jake and the Never Land Pirates!
Was €29.99 Now €24.99
Jake Walkie Talkies
  • Great for indoor or outdoor play.
  • Press the talk button and speak while the other user listens to the conversation.
  • Tough and flexible antenna.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Bright and fun coloured design.
Jake Spy & Learn Telescope
  • Play in 3 different ways
  • Sliding LCD screen
  • Features 3 learning activities
  • Play learning games on outside and inside of telescope
  • Features pirate rock songs
  • Teaches words, counting and classification
  • Features the real voice of Jake.
Jake's Foam Sword
  • A great foam sword! Just like the one used by Jake in the TV series
Jake & the Neverland Pirates Junior Bedding Bundle
  • Junior Jake and the Neverland Pirates Duvet Cover (52% Polyestr/48% Cotton)
  • Pillowcase 52% Polyester/48% Cotton
  • Cot bed Quilt 3.5 tog (100% Polyester)
  • Pillow 40 x 60cm (100% Polyester)
  • Washing Instructions: Machine Washable at 40° C
  • Can be tumble dried.
Was €19.99 Now €14.99
Jake and the Neverland Splashing Bucky Bath Toy
  • Scoop water into the boat-cup and strain it through Bucky’s bell shower, like a rain storm on choppy seas!
  • Pour water on the deck and watch the pothole water wheel spin.
  • You can also fill-and spill the crow's nest as Jake slides down the fun water-slide
  • Includes Jake figure, a squirting Tick Tock Croc, and a boat-cup
  • Attach the playset to your shower or tub with suction cups.

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