Jake and the Neverland Pirates (17)

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Sailwagon
  • This cool vehicle is a cross between a sailboat and a speed-wagon, with fast rolling action!
  • The Sailwagon also features a working cannon with a “water” ball so Jake can defend the treasure from Captain Hook!
  • Complete with steering wheel, spyglass headlights, and a sail emblazoned with a golden doubloon, the Never Land Sailwagon is perfect for land-lovin’ pirate adventures!
  • Includes Sailwagon with Jake, Izzy and Cubby poseable figures.
Jake Hooks Adventure Rock
  • Hook’s Adventure Rock is packed with action and secret tricks to help Hook protect his beloved treasure!
  • Turn the wheel to make the ship sway from side to side as the rock face becomes animated.
  • Hook can stand on the shipwreck's crow’s nest that extends to over 16 inches tall, becoming a crane.
  • The crane can swing the figure over to each of the two side platforms.
  • Peg the figure on any of the two platforms and fire the real working cannon to detour any trespassers.
  • But watch out for the trap doors below as one sends you ramping off the playset and the other to even greater danger with Tick Tock Croc lurking below.
  • Press Tick Tock Croc’s tail to make him chomp.
  • This exciting new playset has 360 degree play on all sides to stir the imagination from the world of Jake and the Never Land Pirates!
Jake Hook's Jolly Roger Pirate Ship
  • Hook can be placed in the crow's nest to look out for treasure or his enemies Jake, Izzy, and Cubby
  • Place the working cannon in different areas on the deck to fire water projectiles.
  • Free spinning steering wheel and a secret trap door.
  • Captain Hook and projectiles can be stored in the Captain's quarters.
Was €29.99 Now €24.99
Fisher Price Jake Adventure Pirate Ship Bucky
  • Assembled Dimensions: 43.18L x 16.35W x 40.64H cm
  • Contents: Jake and 3 cannon balls.
Was €49.99 Now €44.99
Jake Spy & Learn Telescope
  • Play in 3 different ways
  • Sliding LCD screen
  • Features 3 learning activities
  • Play learning games on outside and inside of telescope
  • Features pirate rock songs
  • Teaches words, counting and classification
  • Features the real voice of Jake.
Jake Walkie Talkies
  • Great for indoor or outdoor play.
  • Press the talk button and speak while the other user listens to the conversation.
  • Tough and flexible antenna.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Bright and fun coloured design.
Was €12.99 Now €9.99
Jake Pirate Chest
  • Pirate belt
  • Sword
  • A pirate island map
  • Spyglass
  • Red Bandana
  • Compass
Jake's Magical Tiki Hideout
  • Place the magical tiki onto any one of the 3 "X" spots on the playset.
  • Press the tiki button and watch the magical action begin as the tiki magically powers the hideout's features.
  • Includes working cannon with projectile “water” balls, poseable Jake figure, and magical tiki.
  • Batteries Required: 1 x AA Battery (not included)
Jake Skull Island Playset
  • Press the tiki head to trap other characters in the mouth of skull as teeth fall down.
  • Open and closed the eye patch hatch to see if your pirate enemies are on their way!
  • The Skull Island playset has a real working cannon that shoots waterball projectiles.
  • Peg a figure into the mouth area, spin the hidden revolving door, and the figure disappears to the back of Skull Island.
  • Playset comes with a Peter Pan figure that is articulated at shoulder and waist, as well as 3 water projectiles and a flag pole.
Jake's Foam Sword
  • A great foam sword! Just like the one used by Jake in the TV series

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