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LEGO Elves Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle 41180
  • Features a 3-story castle with opening door, trapdoor into the dungeon, tilting bridge, living room and fireplace on the ground floor and a bedroom and bed with a secret hiding place
  • Includes Ragana, Naida and Aira mini-doll figures, Estari the baby Princess dragon and Jynx the evil cat
  • Use the tilting bridge to try and keep the elves from the dragon egg
  • Take a trip on Ragana's throne and then open the trapdoor to the dungeon
  • Accessory include the Book of Dragons, an hourglass, special capes and hoods for Naida and Aira, map, 4 bottles, 3 cherries, hairbrush, torch, hand mirror, 2 sushi-decorated bricks, cup, magic staff, water bowl, sink, soap, mirror, cauldron, chocolate bar
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Magic Shadow Castle Dimensions: 30x38x14cm
  • Explore the evil castle and save the baby Princess dragon
LEGO Elves Magic Rescue from Goblin Village 41185
  • Crystal workshop has an opening door, treasure chest, magnifying glass and rotating crystal platform, toilet, bed with secret drawer to hold strawberries, evil plants, secret stairs and a catapult with carnivore plant garden
  • Cage-making workshop has an opening door, lookout, cage-making tools and a fireplace
  • Dungeon includes an exploding gate function and a goblin slide
  • Also includes a large cage on wheels with room for an animal figure
  • Fire evil seeds from the catapult on the crystal workshop to try and distract the elves
  • Pull down on the carnivore plant to break out the gate and free the panther
  • Send Smilin the guard down the dungeon slide to chase after the elves
  • Accessory Contents: magnifying glass, newspapers, guitar, chicken leg, firewood, evil instructions, mug, dynamite, axe, map, watering can, spyglass, bug jar, hammer, fireplace, capture net, fire power and earth power studs, 2 strawberries, 3evil seeds
  • Goblin village, with three main buildings in a row Assembled Dimensions: 5L x 40W x 14H cm
  • Contents: Azari and Farran, Bieblin, Fibblin and Smilin, and Panthara the Panther and Hidee the Chameleon figures, a crystal workshop, a cage-making workshop and a dungeon
LEGO Elves Fire Dragon's Lava Cave 41175
  • Help Azari open the Lava Cave using the sliding function to move the lava fall to the side
  • Lava Cave has a sliding function to move the lava fall aside, moss beds and a campfire
  • Clean up Shadow Fountain so Zonya can drink from it once again
  • The Shadow Fountain has a sliding function to transform the fountain from green poisoned water to blue clean water
  • Set up camp, build a fire and roast a marshmallow
  • Fly off on Zonya with Emily and Azari for more adventures
  • Zonya the Fire Dragon stand Assembled Dimensions:28L x 33W x 13H cm
  • Lava Cave Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 16W x 9H cm
  • Contents: An Emily Jones and Azari Fire dancer mini figures, Zonya the fire dragon mini figure, a map, cherries, a campfire, an evil mask and a marshmallow on a stick
  • Product Piece Count: 441 pieces
LEGO Elves The Secret Market Place 41176
  • Travel with Farran and Aira to the Secret Market Place
  • The Secret Market Place has 2 levels with stairs, a lever for activating the hammer in the goldsmith, opening drawer and a turning function to move the tree and reveal the sacred Book of Dragons
  • Visit the post office and goldsmith
  • Search for the sacred Book of Dragons
  • Hop on Thorne’s back with Farran and go for a ride
  • Thorne the earth dragon has space for a storage box and a mini-doll on his back
  • Thorne the earth dragon Assembled Dimensions: 18L x 23W x 8H cm
  • Secret Market Place Assembled Dimensions: 10L x 28W x 18H cm
  • Contents: Farran Leafshade and Aira Windwhistler mini figures, a Flamy, Owlyver and Thorne the earth dragon mini figures, letters, a treasure map, a packages, pumpkins, a sword, a shield, a lock, a key, a quill and ink
  • Product Piece Count: 691 pieces
LEGO Elves Aira's Airship & the Amulet Chase 41184
  • Aira’s Airship has a balloon and spinning propeller, extending wings, room for two mini-doll figures and a storage space in the airship with an opening hatch
  • Goblin glider has an opening hatch and small storage space, movable wings and evil seed shooters
  • Help Emily Jones and Aira build the airship with her magical blueprint book
  • Shoot evil seeds at the airship with Dukelin’s goblin glider
  • Shoot evil seeds at the airship with Dukelin’s goblin glider
  • Accessory Contents: A magical boomerang, Aira’s blueprint book, map, compass, evil seeds, stud elements, amulet, crossbow and two berries
  • Product Piece Count: 343 pieces
  • Airship Assembled Dimensions: 24L x 24W x 16H cm
  • Goblin glider Assembled Dimensions: 4L x 8W x 5H cm
  • Contents: Emily Jones and Aira the wind elf, Dukelin the Goblin figure
LEGO Elves Queen Dragon's Rescue 41179
  • Includes Emily Jones and Azari mini-doll figures, plus Elandra the Queen dragon, Dusti the evil fox and a mouse
  • Features a 2-story castle tower with bedroom and cave, opening dungeon gate, chain and shackles to bind the Queen dragon and a ballista that shoots blasts of “poison”
  • Turn the “hidden” green crystal to move the stepping stones across the lava
  • Push the lever to open the dungeon door and find the captured mouse from the Crystal Mine
  • Find the key in the fox's bedroom and free the Queen dragon from her shackles
  • Accessory elements include the Book of Dragons, capes for Emily and Azari, a hood for Azari, hourglass, fish, sack, crystal heart, potion, cheese, key and a diamond brick
  • Suitable for ages 9+
  • Castle Tower Dimensions: 18x9x25cm
  • Elandra the Queen dragon Dimension: 10x40x40cm
€61.99 (was: €64.99)
LEGO Elves The Goblin King's Evil Dragon 41183
  • Ashwing has posable wings, wing claws that can grip, and space for the Goblin King and Jimblin, plus a cage for crystals
  • Crystal cave has space on the side for Blubeary and Lil' Blu, and an explosion function to reveal the crystal
  • Hide Lil' Blu in the secret spot in the cave
  • Capture Blubeary the momma bear in Ashwing's claw
  • Send Jimblin with instructions to blow up the cave and recover the crystals
  • Accessory Contents: a crystal, cage, dynamite, berries, instruction tile and the Goblin King’s magic staff
  • Product Piece Count: 339 pieces
  • Ashwing Assembled Dimensions: 31L x 38W x 12H cm
  • Crystal cave Assembled Dimensions: 5L x 8W x 6H cm
  • Contents: A Goblin King mini-doll figure, Ashwing the earth dragon, Jimblin the Goblin, Blubeary and Lil’ Blu
LEGO Elves The Capture of Sophie Jones 41182
  • Mr. Spry’s grocery store has an attached tree, bed and candle, plus a counter, barrel and boxes in the store
  • Goblin capture-mobile has space for Barblin, lowering net and a magic portal that flips open
  • Sneak through the magic portal into Elvendale with Sophie Jones
  • Explore Mr. Spry's grocery store
  • Lower the net on the goblin's capture-mobile to capture Sophie
  • Accessory Contents: A bug in a jar, two cherries, picture, acorns, peanut butter jar, honey jar, apple, price list, shopping basket, evil instructions, mobile phone and a coin
  • Product Piece Count: 226 pieces
  • Grocery store Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 14W x 10H cm
  • Capture-mobile Assembled Dimensions: 11L x 3W x 4H cm
  • Contents: A Sophie Jones mini-doll figure, Barblin the Goblin and Mr. Spry the squirrel figures
LEGO Elves The Water Dragon Adventure 41172
  • Climb on Merina the water dragon’s back for a flight around Elvendale
  • Discover the hidden treasures in the secret area
  • Play with the water dragon and Naida in the waterfall
  • Toss food to the dragon with the waterfall catapult function
  • The crystal waterfall has a water catapult function and a hiding space for hidden treasure
  • Merina the water dragon Assembled Dimensions: 21L x 23W x 9H cm
  • Crystal waterfall Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 8W x 8H cm
  • Contents: Naida Riverheart mini-doll figure plus Merina the water dragon, a brush, perfume bottles, binoculars, water lily and a map
  • Product Piece Count: 212 pieces
LEGO Elves Naida's Gondola & the Goblin Thief 41181
  • Gondola has a seat and space for a basket
  • Island scene has a spyglass and a catapult
  • Collect crystals in the basket in Naida's gondola
  • Defend the crystals from Roblin the Goblin and its evil seed catapult
  • Product Piece Count: 67 pieces
  • Gondola Assembled Dimensions: 11L x 3W x 4H cm
  • Island scene Assembled Dimensions: 5L x 5W x 4H cm
  • Contents: A Naida mini-doll figure, a Roblin the Goblin figure, a basket, cherry, map, compass, two crystals, evil instructions, chicken leg and two evil seeds
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