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LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School 41232
  • Transform the school into defence mode by turning the knob on the top level and launch Poison Ivy down the ramp on her motorbike
  • Aim the chain shooter and shoot at Lena’s jet
  • Fire the disc shooter at the Kryptomites
  • Transform the school back to normal after the battle, and celebrate in the café
  • Weapons include three laser pistols, Poison Ivy’s disc, Supergirl’s disc and two chains
  • Accessory elements include a tool cabinet, wrench, growth potion bottle, Supercups, extra cape, amethyst fragment, vine powers, Poison Ivy's flower, Supergirl's phone, scissors and a piece of sushi
  • Contents: three mini-doll figures: Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Lena Luthor, plus Poison Ivy’s plant Frankie and two hypnotized purple Kryptomites
  • Cute but evil Kryptomites are included in every LEGO DC Super Hero Girls set
  • Dimensions: School: 30x33x10cm, Poison Ivy's motorbike: 3x8x3cm, Lena's jet: 6x15x10cm
€72.99 (was: €79.99)
LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl Batjet Chase 41230
  • Recover Batgirl’s ePad from the evil Kryptomite!
  • Join in the action-packed LEGO DC Super Hero Girls world as Batgirl battles the yellow Kryptomite for her stolen ePad
  • Fire the stud shooters and launch the net to capture the Kryptomite's buggy
  • Contents: Batgirl mini-doll figure,a fearful yellow Kryptomite, a Batjet with opening cockpit, stud shooters on the wings, net launcher on the front, a storage space for Batgirl’s ePad and a buggy with a grabber in front to hold Batgirl's ePad
  • Dimensions: Batjet measures over 9x17x17cm
  • Kryptomite buggy 6x7x3cm
€23.49 (was: €24.99)
LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Bumblebee Helicopter 41234
  • Keep the crystals from the evil Kryptomites
  • Fire the helicopter's stud shooters at the Kryptomites
  • Load the crystals in the back of the helicopter and take off
  • Accessory elements include four studs and three crystal elements
  • Contents: Bumblebee mini-doll figure, plus two angry red Kryptomites, helicopter with opening cockpit, spinning rotors, zipline, two stud shooters and storage space
  • Dimensions: Dumpster: 4x3x2cm, Bumblebee's helicopter: 7x10x10cm
LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn 41231
  • Rescue Steve Trevor at the Capes and Cowls café with Harley Quinn
  • Launch the net from Harley Quinn's jet to capture the Kryptomites and rescue Steve Trevor from the roof
  • Rotate the arcade machine to reveal the hidden Batgirl comic
  • Accessory elements include a net, chain, comic, money note, coffee machine, pizza, two cups and two cupcakes, a two-level café building with a cupcake catapult, rotating arcade machine, table that transforms into a computer and a breakable window
  • Contents: Harley Quinn and Steve Trevor mini-doll figures, plus two mischievous green Kryptomites
  • Cute but evil Kryptomites are included in every LEGO DC Super Hero Girls set
  • Dimensions: Café: 14x11x7cm, Harley's jet: 3x7x11cm
€26.99 (was: €29.99)
LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Dorm 41235
  • Set the ‘invisible' motorbike on the workstation's rotating platform
  • Sneak the Kryptomite through the window and into the wardrobe to steal the Golden Lasso
  • Close the doors and capture the Kryptomite in the wardrobe
  • Contents: Wonder Woman mini-doll figure, plus an orange Kryptomite, Wonder Woman's ‘invisible' motorbike, plus a workstation with a rotating platform, bed with opening window & space for trophy above & storage space below and opening wardrobe
  • Accessory elements include Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso, a wrench, two spray paint cans, trophy and a tub of wax polish for the bike
  • Cute but evil Kryptomites are included in every LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls set
  • Dimensions: 'Invisible' Motorbike: 3x6x2cm, bed,wardrobe and workstation together: 9x17x3cm
LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Lashina Tank 41233
  • Rescue Krypto from Lashina’s clutches
  • Fire the yellow ball element from Krypto's catapult at Lashina's tank
  • Capture Krypto with Lashina's whip and put him in the back of the tank
  • Break Krypto out of the tank to free him
  • Cute but evil Kryptomites are included in every LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls set
  • Accessory elements include Lashina's whip, a yellow ball element, stud, Supergirl’s phone and a dog bone
  • Contents: Lashina mini-doll figure, plus Krypto figure and a confused blue Kryptomite, a tank with stud shooter and a cage in the back with removable cover to hold Krypto
  • Dimensions: Lashina's Tank: 4x10x5cm, Krypto's doghouse:5x6x3cm
€11.99 (was: €14.99)
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