Aqua Dragons Underwater World

Catalogue #: 127472

Aqua Dragons Underwater World

Catalogue #: 127472
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  • Age Suitability: 6+
  • Assembly Required: No
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  • Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard.

Product Description


  • Empty the full contents of the eggs sachet into the tank and add bottled spring water. Do not use tap water. If you are using one of our Aqua Dragon tanks then you will see there is a fill level indicator
  • If you are not using an Aqua Dragon tank then make sure that you use a completely clean container and use 380ml of bottled spring water
  • The ideal water temperature range for hatching is 21 to 27ºC. It is important that the water is at this temperature in order for your Aqua Dragons to hatch and during the first delicate week of life
  • You could put the tank under a lamp to warm the water if you are concerned about the temperature. Ask an adult to help you with this. After a week the Aqua Dragons become stronger and the water temperature can be between 17 and 30ºC
  • Your Aqua Dragons are starting to hatch already but they are microscopic so you can’t see them yet. Wait two to three days
  • By the third day you should see some tiny white dots swimming, if you stir the water they will try to swim against the current
  • Once a couple of days have passed since you saw the first hatchlings, you can feed them with a tiny level spoonful of food. Use the spoon included
  • Compatibility: Aqua Dragons Eggs and Food Blister Pack (127473) sold separately
  • Assembled Dimensions: 15L x 4W x 16H cm
  • Contents: A tank, eggs, food, a pipette, a feeding spoon, an ownership certificate and full instructions

Product Description

With Aqua Dragons Underwater World hatch and care for your own prehistoric pets. This Aqua Dragons kit contains live eggs that hatch into real live aquatic creatures. Just add water and they miraculously hatch in just 2-3 days and grow to up to 2cm long. Contains everything you need to get started.


1. Are they really alive? Yes, the Artemia salina (which is the scientific name for what we call Aqua Dragons) are live organisms and they need you to care for them.

2. What temperature should the water be? The ideal water temperature range for hatching is 21 to 27ºC. It is important that the water is at this temperature in order for your Aqua Dragons to hatch and during the first delicate week of life.

3. How many Aqua Dragons should hatch? A difficult question; it depends on the water, the temperature, the number of microscopic eggs that were in the packet, so could be between 10 and 50.

4. Do I have to change the water? No, the water has a special ph and salinity level that is established by the contents of the eggs sachet. So don’t change the water! However the water does evaporate so you can fill up, slowly using room temperature bottled spring water in small quantities each time. Do not use tap water.

5. How do I oxygenate the water? We recommend that you shake the water before adding the eggs so that it is oxygenated well from the start then begin using the pipette to oxygenate the water. Squeeze and release the pipette to let air into the chamber. Put the pipette tip in the water and then squeeze again to blow the stored air into the water. Repeat this for 30 seconds every few days.

6. How often should I feed my Aqua Dragons? The amount you feed should correspond to the number of Aqua Dragons you hatch. If you have only a few Aqua Dragons, feed every 4-5 days. If you have a large hatch of 20+ Aqua Dragons feed every other day.

7. Do Aqua Dragons like sunlight? Yes they love it, just make sure you don’t leave them in the direct sun where the water would overheat!

8. Do Aqua Dragons bite? No... actually they don’t have a mouth; they eat through their wings which work like gills.

9. How long do Aqua Dragons live? Each Aqua Dragon can reach adult hood at one month and can live for up to 90 days, however if you care for them well you may see that they reproduce so you could have life in the tank for much longer.

10. How big do Aqua Dragons grow? Up to 20mm but this may take up to two months.

11. What do I do if one of the dragons dies? When an Aqua Dragon dies it will float down to the bottom of your habitat and slowly biodegrade. In effect they become part of the habitat so it is not necessary to remove them.

12. Initially I had lots of hatchlings but now I am left with just a few adults? Not all the Aqua Dragons that hatch will survive into adulthood, otherwise we´d be overrun! It´s normal and natural for many to hatch and for only some to make it through to adulthood.

13. The water is dirty, what do I do? This is normally due to over-feeding. Stop feeding until the Aqua Dragons have had time to process all the food in the tank. It could take a week or so for the water to become clear again but the water won’t become bad, because it is salty.

14. Can Aqua Dragons live in my regular fish aquarium? As they are small, regular fish will eat them, so do not introduce them into your home aquarium.

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