LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (20)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle 76051
  • Air traffic control tower has a visual control room with a swivel chair, second-floor office with computer screen element and opening cupboards and exploding wall function
  • Air traffic control tower has a first-floor room with opening side door and exploding boxes function activated by pushing the Ant-Man micro figure through a tiny hole in the wall and an attached fence
  • Turn the switch on the Quinjet to reveal the hidden stud shooters underneath
  • The Quinjet also has an opening dual cockpit, foldout wings for flight and landing modes and an opening rear hatch with a rope for a mini figure to grab onto
  • Air traffic control tower Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 23W x 27H cm
  • Quinjet Assembled Dimensions: 20L x 31W x 9H cm 19W in landing mode
  • Luggage cart Assembled Dimensions: 16L x 3W x 4H cm Giant Ant-Man figure Assembled Dimensions: 14H cm
  • Weapons include Winter Soldier’s gun and War Machine’s shoulder-mounted stud shooter and baton
  • Contents: Captain America, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, War Machine and Agent 13, an Ant-Man microfigure and a buildable giant Ant-Man minifigures, Captain America’s shield, Scarlet Witch’s power studs, Iron Man’s power element and comic book
  • Product Piece Count: 807 pieces
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Captain America Jet Pursuit 76076
  • Retrieve Captain America's shield from evil Super-Adaptoid with the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Captain America Jet Pursuit 76076
  • Attach the Power Blast elements to Super-Adaptoid's hands and then push inwards to fire
  • Extend Ms. Marvel's flexible arms on either side by sliding them through the super torso
  • Push a trigger in the aircraft's tail forward to switch from flying mode into attack mode and then fire the dual disc shooters at Super-Adaptoid
  • Contents: Includes three minifigures: Pilot Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Super-Adaptoid, new-for-spring-2017 Power Blast weapons
  • Captain America's jet featuring sweep back wings, dual disc shooters and a minifigure cockpit with shield holder and Captain America logo
  • Accessory elements include three translucent-blue thrusters, Captain America's shield, Super-Adaptoid's wings, Ms. Marvel's big hands and four shooting discs
  • Dimensions: Captain America's jet with wings swept back 5x20x18cm
  • Captain America's jet with wings extended 5x20x20cm
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle 76057
  • Police ATV feature has attached walkie-talkie and handcuffs elements
  • Kraven the Hunter's secret lair has translucent diamond elements, traffic lights to stop the traffic and explode the pillars of the bridge, and movable signposts for the Green Goblin's Goblin Glider to smash through
  • Goblin Glider has movable wings and 2 stud shooters
  • Police ATV feature has attached walkie-talkie and handcuffs elements
  • Bridge Assembled Dimensions: 44L x 13W x 33H cm
  • Goblin Glider Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 9W x 2H cm
  • Taxi Assembled Dimensions: 10L x 3W x 5H cm
  • Police ATV Assembled Dimensions: 5L x 3W x 3H cm
  • Contents: Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Scarlet Spider, Green Goblin, Scorpion, Kraven the Hunter and Aunt May mini figures, 2 web blasts, 2 web ropes, web net, Green Goblin's flaming pumpkin bomb, 3 translucent diamond elements, 2 translucent fire elements
  • Product Piece Count: 1092 pieces
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Hulk vs. Ultron 76066
  • Turn the big green fists of Hulk’s Mighty Micros vehicle
  • Move the tentacles of Ultron’s Mighty Micros vehicle up and down
  • Both vehicles have turning wheels
  • Hulk’s Mighty Micros vehicle Assembled Dimensions: 5L x 5W x 3H cm
  • Ultron’s Mighty Micros vehicle Assembled Dimensions: 7L x 9W x 6H cm
  • Contents: Hulk and Ultron mini figures, Hulk’s chicken drumstick and Ultron’s wrench
  • Product Piece Count: 80 pieces
€5.00 (was: €9.99)
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Black Panther Pursuit 76047
  • Fire the 2 stud shooters of the Black Panther Jet which also features an opening cockpit for Black Panther
  • Captain America’s 4x4 features a spring-loaded shooter, big wheels and translucent headlight-style elements
  • Do wheelies on Winter Soldier’s motorbike which features a mini figure seat and translucent light-style element
  • Black Panther Jet Assembled Dimensions: 23L x 17W x 4H cm
  • Captain America’s 4x4 Assembled Dimensions: 11L x 6W X 6H cm
  • Winter Soldier’s motorbike Assembled Dimensions: 6L x 2W x 3H cm
  • Contents: Black Panther, Captain America and Winter Soldier mini figures, Winter Soldier’s gun, Captain America’s shield and a comic book
  • Product Piece Count: 287 Pieces
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes 76077
  • Send in Iron Man to rescue Agent Coulson from Detroit Steel in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes 76077
  • Help Iron Man rescue Agent Coulson in his car Lola from Justin Hammer in his posable Detroit Steel mech with chainsaw and six-stud shooter
  • Attach the Power Blast elements to Iron Man's hands, and then push inwards to fire
  • Fold Lola's wheels for flying mode and make a quick escape
  • Contents: three minifigures: Invincible Iron Man, Agent Coulson and Justin Hammer, Agent Coulson's gun and new-for-spring-2017 Power Blast weapons, three translucent-blue thruster accessory elements
  • Detroit Steel mech featuring a minifigure cockpit, fully posable legs, arms and hands, two movable wings, arm-mounted chainsaw and a six-stud shooter
  • Agent Coulson's car Lola featuring two opening doors and folding wheels for flight mode
  • Dimensions: Detroit Steel 14cm in height
  • Lola 4x14x6cm
LEGO Marvel Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum 76060
  • Banish the portal beast from Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum!
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo and The Ancient One
  • Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum features a portal beast with rotating teeth, moving eyes and tentacles that can trap minifigures, shelves for mystical artifact accessories, levitation effect for 2 minifigures, and levitation function for Doctor Stran
  • Weapons include Karl Mordo's quarterstaff and The Ancient One's magical fans with eldritch calligraphy
  • Accessory elements include Doctor Strange's cloak of levitation and magical power elements with eldritch calligraphy markings
  • Sanctum Sanctorum measures over 4” (11cm) high, 12” (31cm) wide and 7” (18cm) deep
€29.99 (was: €34.99)
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Spider-Man vs. Scorpion 76071
  • Begin a battle of the bugs with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Spider-Man vs. Scorpion 76071
  • Move the tail and pincers of Scorpion’s Mighty Micros car and attack Spider-Man!
  • Contents: Spider-Man and Scorpion minifigures with mini legs, a mini-scorpion and mini-spider
  • Scorpion’s Mighty Micros car featuring dual pincers and a tail with sting, a mini-scorpion and a mini-spider, Spider-Man’s blue and red buggy featuring exhaust pipes
  • Spider-Man's Mighty Micros car 3x5x4cm
  • Scorpion's Mighty Micros car with claws retracted 6x5x5cm
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. Magneto 76073
  • Stage a mutant-powered battle between these mutant rivals in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. Magneto 76073
  • Contents: Includes Wolverine and Magneto minifigures with mini legs
  • Wolverine's Mighty Micros jet featuring four movable wings
  • Magneto's Mighty Micros car featuring a classic magnet shape at the rear and Magneto's decorated-translucent magnetic power
  • Dimensions: Wolverine's Mighty Micros jet with wings folded 3x5x4cm
  • Magneto's Mighty Micros car 3x5x4cm
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avenjet Space Mission 76049
  • Detach the mini-jet and fire the stud shooters to defeat Thanos and Hyperion
  • Space Iron Man comes with a spacesuit
  • Space Iron Man fits inside the Avenjet underneath the detachable mini-jet
  • The 2-in-1 Avenjet hass an opening main cockpit, 4 flick missiles, opening hatch and a detachable mini-jet with an opening cockpit and 2 stud shooters
  • Detachable mini-jet Assembled Dimensions: 11L x 20W x 4H cm
  • Avenjet Assembled Dimensions: 27L x 27W x 10H cm
  • Accessory elements include Space Iron Man’s thrusters for his hands and feet and Space Captain America’s breathing device, shield and jetpack
  • Contents: Captain Marvel, Space Iron Man, Space Captain America and Hyperion, and a Thanos big figure mini figures, Thanos’ buildable stud-shooting boots and a comic book
  • Product Piece Count: 523 pieces
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-up 76037
  • Construction site features a rotating crane with wrecking ball and wrecking-ball release function, 2 gripping Sandman sand hands, construction sign with super-jump-activated spider’s web, diamond hiding place with diamond-style elements.
  • Rhino Mech features an opening cockpit, 2 stud shooters in each hand and posable joints
  • Includes Sandman’s sand hammer element
  • Accessory elements include Spider-Man’s iconic web slinger and a Super Jumper
  • Evade the Rhino Mech’s stud shooters
  • Watch out for the Sandman’s shape-shifting sand hands!
  • Reveal the hidden diamonds with a perfectly aimed super jump!
  • Construction site dimensions: 14L X 27W X 21H cm
  • Rhino dimensions: 6L x 10W X 11H cm
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Hulk Buster Smash 76031
  • Topple Scarlet Witch with super-jumping Iron Man and free the mighty Hulk!
  • Hulk Buster suit features an opening cockpit for Iron Man, 2 stud shooters, posable arms and legs and gripping hands
  • Prison features an invisible levitation stand for Scarlet Witch and opening sides
  • Accessories include Iron Man’s iconic helmet and Super Jumper plus Ultron Prime’s thrusters, Weapons include Scarlet Witch’s 2 magical power weapons
  • Prison Assembled Dimensions: 8L x 11W x 13H cm
  • Hulk Assembled Dimensions: 7H cm
  • Hulk Buster Suit Assembled Dimensions: 7L x 16W x 13H cm
  • Suitable for ages 7-14
  • Contents: Iron Man, Ultron Prime and Scarlet Witch, plus a Hulk minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories

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