Smyths Toys – Robot Tips



  • Reference user manuals for optimal charging positions (on or off)
  • Use Daewoo batteries for optimal performance
  • Replace demo batteries with new ones
  • Some robots need to be charged prior to use
  • If the robot requires the use of an app, please download it prior to use.
    • A Wifi and Bluetooth connection is essential for the app to function.
    • All Apple devices must be running IOS 7.1 or above
    • All Android devices must be running 4.4.3 or above
    • Smart devices must have at least 300mb of free space for installing/running the app.
  • Prior to opening the app please turn on the robot and your Bluetooth so the two can pair by holding your smart device over the robot.
  • Keep your smart device within a close range (between 1-5 metres) of the robot for an optimal connection during use.
  • For high functioning robots that require the user to program it, we recommend allotting 10-20 minutes of programming time prior to use for more enjoyable play.
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