Recore – Welcome to Far Eden

You have awoken on a planet after centuries of sleep, hoping that everything has gone to plan and the robots that were left to create a ‘new earth’ have succeeded. However, the robots have gone rogue and there are no other humans to be found. You must now embark on a journey along with your companion, a robot dog named Mack, to find out what has gone wrong.

Welcome to Far Eden.

Recore is a brand new game from the makers of Metroid and Megaman and is set on the semi-open world of Far Eden. Players are put into the role of Joule Adams who, along with her companion Mack, set off on an adventure like no other.


After a disaster on Earth, colonists were sent to a planet called Far Eden to make it safe for humans and become a new Earth. To do this, robots called Corebots were left on the planet’s surface to make the planet liveable for the human race.

However, when Joule Adams, one of the humans sent to Far Eden, wakes up, the plan has failed, there is no one else to be found and the Corebots have gone rogue. You must now embark on an adventure to find out what happened over the hundreds of years she has been slumbering.


The game combines shooting, RPG features and platforming in a unique game style creating free flowing combat scenes and in depth crafting.

Corebots are your friends. Well, at least some of them...

Enemies come in all shapes in sizes on Far Eden and by defeating them you can collect parts to build more friendly Corebots to follow you around on your adventure across the planet. Each has its own unique ability and attack to help you out.

Use the energy rifle and your Corebots to fight and take down enemies above ground in the deserts of Far Eden and below in caves and dungeons. You can also make use of Joule’s grappling hook to open doors and extract the cores out of enemies to use in crafting new upgrades and parts for your Corebots.



For the adventurer, there is plenty to see and do on Far Eden, from hidden dungeons to secrets that can only be unlocked by specific Corebots. This provides many extra hours of gameplay outside of the main story to keep you coming back for more.

Recore is the perfect game for anyone looking to start a new adventure, make new robotic friends and have fun.

Buy Once, Play Anywhere

Recore is one of the first games to be part of Microsoft’s new Cross Buy game support ( digital only ). This means that when you buy the game on Xbox One, you are also getting it for PC ( compatible Windows 10 PCs ). Your save game can then be played on PCs or Xbox One by using the cloud to upload the save file.

Microsoft are bringing out many other Cross Buy games this year including titles such as Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3.




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