Get your Call of Duty Beta access today!

Attention Call of Duty fans! Want to play the latest game in the series: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, weeks before release? Of course you do! Get to your local Smyths Toys Superstore today, or head to our website to pre-order your copy of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and you will receive access to this weekend’s exclusive beta, from 21st-24th October.

The beta isn’t the only reason you’ll want to pre-order though.

PS4 owners who pre-purchase the Legacy Edition will also receive early access to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered campaign mode! Not only that, but anybody who pre-orders either version on PS4 or Xbox One will receive £5/€5 off the price of the game when it launches on 4th November when ordered using the voucher code PRE5.

What more could you ask for…? I’ll tell you what more, how about the Terminal map, the Zombies in Spaceland pack and bonus in-game digital items?!

If you’re into Call of Duty, or even if you just want to see what all the fuss is about, there really is no good reason to avoid pre-ordering your copy today. All stores will also be hosting a midnight launch for the game, see you there!





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