Battlefield 1 – The Dawn of Warfare

Battlefield 1 is set in the iconic era of World War One, where modern warfare truly began. Get ready to become immersed in the Great War with campaigns based around real historical events and realistic weapons ranging from one of the smallest guns in history to mustard gas.

As well as the campaign mode, where you can play from the perspectives of many different soldiers, there is also the return of the multiplayer which is more extensive than ever.

There are many other important changes to the game, including the much improved melee combat and the vehicles, which, now have unique attributes and abilities that can be utilised by players in the multiplayer mode.


This year, Battlefield has moved away from the linear storyline of previous games and now has an anthology of War stories and acts of heroism from the point of view of real soldiers who fought in World War One.

Imagine being thrown in at the deep end, being surrounded by the enemy on all sides whilst you and your squad try and fight your way out of a bunker, only to be outnumbered and eventually face defeat. In the next story you might be at the helm of a tank trying to regain an outpost lost earlier in the War. This is what the new campaign of Battlefield 1 does, it gives the player the experience of being in World War One, living the lives and deaths of soldiers playing a vital role in ending the war.

Whilst in previous years Battlefield was predominantly a multiplayer game with short campaigns, it has really come into its own with its unique take on World War One from the eyes of actual soldiers.


As in the previous Battlefield games the multiplayer delivers detailed maps for players to run, hide and win games. Battlefield will have 9 maps and 6 different game modes at launch and they are all based on real world places, such as Arabia and The Alps.

The multiplayer supports up to 64 players and the new squad system allows groups of players to enter and leave servers together allowing a cooperative experience with friends and squad mates.

There are many different classes available to play as in the multiplayer, each with their own unique play styles and skills.

4 infantry classes


Equipped with plenty of gadgets to blow up vehicles, the Assault class favours close combat and vehicle destruction.


As well as healing downed team mates, Medics is Battlefield 1 can also repair vehicles.


The Support class combines weapons with high fire rates, to suppress enemies and gadgets, that protect and provide support, including ammo drops.


The Scout takes enemies out from afar using sniper rifles and can also use gadgets to survey the area for their team mates.

2 Vehicle classes


Controlling a tank, the Tanker ploughs through the map using the tank’s weapons at their disposal.


Flying a Biplane over the battlefield, the Pilot can take out enemy planes as well as enemies on the ground. As well as these 6 main classes, there are 3 Elite classes. These are specialised soldiers who can turn the tide of a battle quickly. They are located within the multiplayer map and the player must find that location to become one of these super soldiers. There can only be one of each Elite class soldiers in each game. Overall Battlefield 1 is a fantastic first person shooter. With its unique take on the campaign mode, allowing the player to live real life experiences of the soldiers of World War One, combined with a large, well thought out, multiplayer mode makes this instalment of Battlefield one of the biggest and best yet.

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