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We all know that getting your baby into a great sleep routine is one of the hardest challenges new parents face. It can be very beneficial to both parents and babies if you are able to establish a routine as soon as possible as restless nights can have an impact on your baby’s quality of sleep and feeding time.

Luckily we have lots of useful tips to help you establish that all important routine and get your baby (and you!) sleeping as well as you possibly can. Try our tips and see if you can get that sleep routine mastered and be the envy of all your parent friends!


Tip 1

First things first, your baby must have the right environment to sleep in, otherwise they’ll never be able to get the quality of sleep that they need and will only want to spend more time with you during the night. Having a suitable bed is the first step to making your baby’s sleep routine a reality.

The first bed that your baby will need is a Moses Basket. If your baby still cannot sit up or roll over on their own, this is the ideal bed to make sure they are cosy and safe.


Cuddles Collection My Little Star Moses Basket


While you probably won’t use your Moses Basket for very long, it’s still important to make sure you choose the right one, as the way your baby sleeps in their initial months will set the tone for your baby’s sleeping patterns as they get older too.

The Cuddles Collection My Little Star Moses Basket is perfect for keeping your baby comfortable and relaxed.

Made from woven palm leaf this beautiful basket offers your little one a secure and ventilated sleeping area.

The Moses Basket comes with all the bedding you need making this an excellent starter bed for your baby.


Tip 2

It’s always important to have a flexible feeding and sleeping approach to the day when your baby is younger.

The way that your baby sleeps can also affect the way that they feed. Set a regular wake up time in the morning, no later than 7:30am, so that your baby can start the day off right and balance their feeding and sleeping patterns.

Even if you want to let your baby sleep in because they had a bad night, it’s important to be consistent with these times so that your baby can get into a routine with the least amount of stress possible.

Tip 3

It’s also a good idea to try and recognise when your baby might be getting tired.

If they become over tired they are a lot more likely to cry, resist sleep and not want to be put down. Learn to recognise your baby’s early sleep cues such as eye rubs and zoning out.

When you spot these things, try and encourage them to go to sleep before they get too tired.

Tip 4

Another great tip that’s proved to be very useful among parents is teaching your little one the difference between daytime and night time.

Make sure you have all curtains in the house open during the day so that your home is well lit by natural sunlight. At night time, keep lights very low and noise to a minimum to help create a relaxed atmosphere.

Getting into these habits every night can really help your baby learn the difference between night and day and therefore help them sleep better.

There are also some great products that can help encourage this too!


A blackout blind can be just the thing to encourage sleeping at night, especially during the summer months when it may still be light outside at bed time.

The Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind fits directly onto window glass via suction cups–perfect for when you’re staying overnight while on holidays or a weekend getaway.

Each hem can be easily shortened for a proper fit on most windows.



Gro Clock


Another great product that parents swear by is the Gro Clock.

This is a great way for making sure that your little one knows exactly when it’s time to rise and shine!

The Gro Clock works by displaying simple images of the stars and moon at night time and the sun when it’s time to get up.

Parents can set the clock to a wake up time helping to teach toddlers that they can only get out of bed when the sun is showing on the clock.

This helps them establish a good sleep routine while giving parents some much needed extra rest.



Tip 5

If your baby is suffering from colic or reflux, try elevating their sleeping position to reduce discomfort by putting a pillow under the mattress to prop them up slightly.

This will elevate them without the risk of their head becoming trapped between the pillow and the mattress which can increase the risk of suffocation.


You can also use motion, rhythm and white noise to help your baby stay asleep for longer periods during the day. Motion might help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer; try going for a leisurely walk in the pram or a car journey.

A white noise machine is also great for relaxing your baby during the day when there are usually other things going on at home. Combining this with keeping the room cool and dark should help your baby sleep for longer periods during the day and help establish that all important routine.


When your child gets a bit older, moving them into a bigger bed can affect their sleep pattern as change can be difficult for some children, especially when it differs from their usual sleep routine.

Polly Toddler Bed


The best way to help with this is to make sure that you’ve chosen the right bed, one that they like and are happy sleeping in.

The Polly toddler bed is both cute and practical and will surely be a bed that your toddler will love.

This bed also has rails to make sure they don’t fall out at night if they toss and turn.







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